CopyRights Infringement

Etsy’s going to be more popular due to the recent star squabbles.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z. But the last couple years haven’t been kind to them in the press with various bad press (i.e. the elevator fight with Solange, the split rumors, and now this). Beyoncé has got herself in a little PR bind. Etsy, the artsy version of Ebay, which allows users to introduce original patterns and designs to be used on countless products (pillows, kitchenware, posters, clothes, you name it) is being sued by the diva for using the likeness of her name.

We see this from two angles and neither really make sense. Much like college athletes being upset about the jerseys and video games (used to anyways) that resembled or are attributed to the players and sold due to their popularity, Beyoncé is upset about a particular line of coffee mugs being sold with a similar name to hers. The Feyonce (supposed to be like fiancée for Valentine’s Day we’d assume) mugs are somehow making money off of her name.

Okay, so that isn’t ridiculous in theory. But then you remember who the person complaining is and you wonder how much this would seriously effect her wallet. Not only is she worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but she’s married to one of the richest hip hop moguls in the business. Meanwhile, the artists benefitting from these mugs are likely making roughly between 10 and 20 bucks per item. Yes, some of them are shirts. And yes, the popularity is growing on these items. But don’t you think if she hadn’t brought this to the public’s attention the manufacturers likely wouldn’t get a tenth as much revenue?

Lifestyles of the rich and famous. Must be nice.

So what’s the point of doing this? I always thought Beyoncé was a pretty likable individual aside from her recent album. And for the most part, the last 2ish years have been forgettable. All this does is make her look like another one of those spoiled pop stars that can’t get enough attention. The only way I see Beyoncé redeeming herself on this one is taking whatever settlement money she could supposedly get and giving it to charity (not that the manufacturers of the Feyonce brand aren’t in need of charity on their own- most are struggling artists just trying to make a buck). Have fun not living in your 70 million dollar mansion in Los Angeles that reportedly wasn’t posh enough for your lavish lifestyle. Not impressed Queen B.

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