15 Things That Still Make Us Happy In 2015

There’s so many things that are timeless or at least interesting enough to want to pay much attention every time it comes around. The following list of things from the 90s and 00s make us happy for whatever reason regardless of when and how they come about. It doesn’t always make sense. Sometimes it’s very confusing, but we get excited every time. 

You think you’ve heard a song too many times and then all of a sudden it comes on the radio and you are singing along as if it’s new and not really weird to roll down your windows in freezing temperatures while driving on the highway. If it’s your birthday or you’re a shorty. Or you’re just a person that likes shit that’s catchy and upbeat, there’s a good chance you will never get tired of this song. No matter how many album sales battles 50 wins.

945594328ded6fc019485121f9bfef09Netflix has it now and so there’s really no excuse for anyone in the history of time to have not seen this show. Even people that never watched while it was on the air (I know, I can’t believe such a person exists either) should be in love with this series. Somehow it stays relevant and funny even when we know exactly what’s going to happen (and sometimes the exact words that are said). Those Friends never seem to age much over the 10 seasons and in your minds they never will.

4920df03196205b01d6463d3fb197329Maybe it’s all the one-liners you can recall. Or maybe it’s just the people that Mean Girls remind you of when you were in high school. Did anyone else think they made Rachel McAdams look beat for the character of Regina George? Pretty sure they could’ve done better on that one. Anyways, the nostalgia of this movie also brings back the days just before Lindsay Lohan became a raging drug abuser and crazy-person, so it’s actually something you can pseudo-respect.

If you don’t sort of know the words to this song then you’re lying to yourself. Okay, okay, maybe it was tough to understand most of it. But these kids were not even out of puberty. So what do you expect?

39632dd70ce1cb30b6fc80d6ee313e6ePeople watch the most recent version of American Idol for the current cast of judges: J Lo, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. It’s safe to say no one gives two shits about Ryan Seacrest. But without Simon Cowell things just aren’t as interesting. Even more disappointing, less terrible individuals are showcased. And let’s be honest, who really watches the show after the first couple weeks? Yeah, you might tune in here and there. But it’s the best when the talent isn’t. Luckily, Connick Jr. is surprisingly hilarious.

a49a3e8919b2884eecb7046964e91775It only had one season in 1999, but the Judd Apatow legend Freaks and Geeks has continued to grow from this show (though there have been some misses in recent years). Any show with James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Linda Cardelini, John Francis Daley, and Martin Starr among others plus a load of bit parts for actors that eventually became much bigger has to be one of, if not the best, show cancelled after one season ever.

Snuggies were never a fashion statement. It’s always been about comfort. It’s a warm and soft poncho best used while sitting on the couch. The different designs and fur weren’t really the point. The point was to look ridiculous and yet feel so fucking comfortable that you didn’t care.

65c8a1fd9a4aa1a2316b5538b00abf79Whether you know Little Hugs because of crazy frat parties with questionable ingredients or you actually drank from them when you were still naïve and innocent, these tiny drinks were so sweet and tasty every time. Am I the only person that still habitually drinks Little Hugs and Capri Sun? I certainly hope not.

8fcd431b8de0a912c056332349050779Super Nintendo might be the best console ever, or at least the games were the best ever. And the best of the best was Mario Kart. Sure, the N64 was decent and the ones to follow since don’t completely suck. But this game just never gets old. No matter how many times someone “magically” gets consecutive lightning bolts to come out of nowhere to win on Rainbow Road.

theclubUsing The Club might not be considered cool, but that doesn’t mean people don’t still use them. Most cars have independent security systems or lack a key ignition of any kind, but that doesn’t stop people from throwing this old remedy for the youths of the United States that still think breaking into cars is cool.

3fae9db1d09962f637306317211d6289Segways, not to be confused with segues, are the nerdy two-wheeled form of transportation that is most commonly used by various forms of police. For whatever reason the Segway has become a popular mode of transportation for sight-seers as well. I not so secretly wish I had one merely for the attention it might gather.

The Electric Slide and The Booty Call are the same thing, right? Don’t they just have different songs? Being able to dance helps for this one, but so does following instructions. Neither are a strong-suit of mine. But I totally remember this song played at high school dances and I’ve seen it (unfortunately) at weddings. One can only imagine it will last the test of time. Hey, it’s better than your kids learning The Superman (and then learning what it really means).

Sublime is just one of those bands that will never get old. This is partially due to all the people that will listen to them while geeking out and smoking weed. Perhaps when marijuana is finally legal they won’t be as popular, but don’t bet on it. For now, Bradley Newell’s former band will remain a stoner relic perhaps only surpassed in popularity by Bob Marley.

e69c86ca52a45d64959edb41ee4e7317Will someone please explain to me why White Castle is popular? It’s the lowest quality fast food out there (and that’s saying something). It has a handful of movies in tribute to the chain(not sure how many were made). And people even purchase those dirty burgers in freezer form at a crazy clip. Here’s a suggestion, don’t put as many greasy onions on your burgers. Then maybe they would taste half-decent. Just the thought of White Castle makes my stomach bubble.

If you have HBO GO (or know someone that does), then Netflix might not even be of interest. I’m kidding, but not completely. While there continues to be a few good shows still on True Detective, Girls, Game of Thrones, Veep, Silicon Valley, etc.), the series of old are really what keep me around as a subscriber. Entourage is coming out with a movie this year (finally) and there are cult followings of various series including The Wire, Oz, Big Love, True Blood, Sex in the City, Boardwalk Empire, Six Feet Under, and The Sopranos.




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