It’s Not Too Much To Ask

578257f1dfb3e035f8d7f435542fa2b5As guys, it’s to admit when you’re wrong, when things hurt, and if you can’t do something. Being the alpha personality in anything and everything is what makes us guys. For a lot of men, it’s the strong women that give them a reason to defer. Balance in relationships (or whatever it is that you have with that girl you hang out with a lot) is important. Having the opportunity to give and take without building resentment is difficult. When people go through elongated periods of time where they feel helpless (and there really isn’t much helping coming in), it’s always nice to hear things even if you can’t see it.

We always lose track of things in relationships. Do you remember the last time you complemented her or gave her something small as a nice gesture? Nope? Well, you’re not on your own. Most guys have trouble admitting that they don’t do forget even when they know they do. It’s stubbornness and hard-headedness that really puts us in a difficult spot. And what’s worse?!? Everything is tough for everyone. If it’s not your relationship, it’s your job. If it’s not your job, it’s your social media. If it’s not your social media, maybe it’s something lame like losing on one of those interactive military games. The point is, everyone should show a little more appreciation. Appreciation for having parents or friends or mentors that got them to a certain age by providing the necessities, as well as for having the people in your lives’ that are currently keeping you afloat (whether it’s financially, mentally, or emotionally).

There’s a lot of people that can’t provide for family (and others). It might be the bare minimum and it might be that Hermes bag that homegirl has been pointing at on her tablet every night for the past several days. But when you have people in your life that don’t crucify you for your decision-making and somehow still manage to support you through the tough times, it’s pretty difficult imagining your life without them. So take a second today (and hopefully every day) to say something nice to whoever it is that’s important to you. It can be a text, a call, a tweet, anything. Just make sure they know you care. Sometimes it’s difficult to be that guy that doesn’t share your feelings. But it’d be ever worse to be that guy that couldn’t share your feelings and didn’t have the kind of support that keeps you grounded.

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