Sharing Is Not Caring

c14538549daf5c69e33b95e539172e3dYouTube was meant to bring various types of media from all over the world to our very computer screens to make communication easier and hopefully cheaper. It’s an indie-electronic way to branch out and become a brand without spending thousands of dollars on representation and high-tech purchases that offer the opportunity to market whatever the hell it is that you want. But for as crucial as free speech is in a country that is get ever so sensitive about the content that is out there, a line needs to be drawn.

Have you ever read the “discussions” on YouTube? It won’t be long before you will see how many cyber-bullies or internet tough guys are out there spewing hate and the threat for violence. It’s everyone. Not just certain kinds of people. Sometimes it’s in reaction to others’ comments, sometimes it’s just to pile on various opinions.

The worst offenders on videos tend to be fighting videos. Media outlets like WorldStar spam out fighting videos that reach Facebook and Twitter and eventually lure people in to look and see how classy people have become. Back in high school I remember a group of kids that had a fight club (obvi modeled off of the movie) and some hotshot d-bag would video tape the fights. Luckily for those individuals, putting videos up on the internet wasn’t as real of an option nor as accessible.

But it generally tends to be violence that breeds violence. The purpose behind YouTube and the bulk of its content continues to be positive if  not productive. And while having a commenting section to encourage/discourage the poster may do some good, the overall experience is lacking. Perhaps these media outlets just drop that feature altogether. Or maybe we find a way to put that kind of shit into the internet’s netherworld so the regular Joe doesn’t have to see it each time he wants to watch a video that he or she otherwise thinks isn’t so negative.














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