It’s Reality, But Scripted

c13180c8abc00cf3a9a073a0d88e8ec5Every year I complain about how lame The Real World has become or how there’s not any attractive people on it with brains. Last year it was exes coming into the house to make things awkward and unfortunate. This time around it’s just people that the housemates flat out don’t like. Whether they truly represent Skeletons or not, there’s easily going to be drama in this house. One reason; if there isn’t really drama then the producers will make it happen.

The definition of reality television obvi went from real-life scenarios to scripted around the time Laguna Beach became popular. Viewers didn’t figure it out until a year or two later, but by then it was interesting enough to stay tuned in. Heidi and Spencer were newbies on The Hills and MTV had their cash-cows. Unfortunately, throughout all of those years (and it’s been about 12) since those shows debuted, The Real World has continued to air. The initial version offered a new concept that everyone really was interested in. It was a human experiment to throw a bunch of people that hadn’t met previously who had some things in common and a lot of things different.

The biggest issue with this new bunch of kids is that there’s just nothing to really watch for. Okay, the pretty, skinny, blonde has drug history and history with abusive boyfriends. Sounds like plenty of girls I know. The black guy has a kid and didn’t know his father. You know, there’s white people like that too. How about you find a more interesting story for the lone minority in the house (or at least that seems to be the way he’s been treated). “Jason” was on the phone with the mother of his unborn child and they refered to her as his “baby mama”. Yes, that’s in the societal lexicon at this point in time, but that’s still a tad racist. Not sure they would’ve termed a white guy’s significant other as such. The other girls seem to belong on Bad Girls Club and the other dudes are super lame, save the little blonde one. Oh wait, that’s a lesbian. But seriously, she’s the coolest of all the dudes.

Time for MTV to scrap things or bring back Road Rules, at least there was a point to that program. The Challenge is only a week away. Can’t decide if MTV hurried it back so they could have more of those this year or because they knew The Real World wasn’t going to do well with viewers. With all that said, I’m still going to watch. At this point it’s more to see the train-wreck. I’m not usually a rubbernecker, but this might get interesting. Or maybe interesting is the wrong word, but it will be better than other things on at 10pm.

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