Bitter With Age


Anyone else here a fan of the 7pm block of TV through the weekdays (when you’re not at the bar for happy hour)? That’s the time when you kick back and tell yourself that you could just as easily been on the tube making thousands of dollars answering random trivia questions. But the last couple of years have taken a different tone on long-time game shows Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune that has turned many viewers off. The hosts are complete dicks.

Maybe Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak have always been pompous d-bags with axes to grind, but they have always had relatively relatable characteristics that have made them easier to watch. Neither is terribly good looking or imposing and their ability to remain timeless fixtures of everyone’s weekday evening is what makes it so annoying that these guys are still out there. Bob Barker took a step down once he realized it was time to go. Sure, he had a little more talent than these two duds and he’s obvi kicked back somewhere in a warm location having fun with random ex-showcase girls. Neither Trebek nor Sajak have that kind of personality, but do you think Drew Carey does? Or even Wayne Brady?

When did this happen? When did these guys get so ballsy as to call out contestants on their ignorance? Pat Sajak has gotten caught drunk on set at least once and it’s looked like it a number of other times. The fact that people as a whole are getting dumber doesn’t help. Sajak has ample opportunities to make fun of most of the idiots that roll through Wheel. But Trebek has little to no excuse for his douchey behavior. Guy spends most shows lecturing people rather than simply correcting them.

Makes perfect sense as to why so many people have made fun of him over the years, and it’s not just because he’s Canadian. But Pat Sajak should know better. It’s prob time these two old-timers hang up their kicks and let some less annoying, sober, humorous dudes take the reins. Here’s to hoping.

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