The Infallible NFL Week 17 Straight Picks

After a mediocre week of picks, there’s no rest for the weary in regards to the potential surprises that may come up this week. There’s just too many games that would’ve been close had underdogs not had the help from resting players. Anyways, now with the different injuries of starting QBs and last-second suspensions things should get interesting as not all spots in the playoffs have been locked up.

Record Through Week 16 165-74

Buffalo at New England. How good have the Bills been on defense this year? And it appears they will only continue to improve. Now if only that offense could get some consistency going. Whether it’s EJ Manuel or a guy in the draft, they need someone to step in as the main man and it can’t be Kyle Orton. If either of their two backs ever make it through a whole season without an injury then maybe they won’t need to explore other options. Meanwhile in Foxborough, the Pats just keep getting stronger and while this seems like a good day to rest some of the bigger names, it’s likely they will play to win for at least 3 quarters. Patriots 24, Bills 20

Chicago at Minnesota. Who thought the Bears would be this bad? Now who thought that the Vikings would have a better record? Well, I wasn’t one of those guys. The Bears aren’t that much worse with Clausen than with Cutler. But the defense is terrible no matter who is playing quarterback. Good season by Matt Forte. Dude has completely proven his worth as a tough back. On the other side of the ball, is Teddy Bridgewater the answer? Not sure. But he’s a lot better than anybody they’ve had in quite some time and the organization is improving top to bottom. Bears 28, Vikings 24

Cleveland at Baltimore. Things just got even tougher for practice-teamer-turned-starting-quarterback Connor Shaw. Josh Gordon is suspended for the final game for God knows what and their running game has been suspect for the last month anyways. Shaw has the same kind of game as Manziel but not as good of an arm. So this might play in the Ravens’ hands. But that seemed to be the case against Case last week. Justin Forsett has slowed a bit the past few weeks and the pass game has been slowed by drops. Ravens 34, Browns 17

Dallas at Washington. The Cowboys need this game too much to drop it. They are in the playoffs and playing well, but so are several other teams ahead of them. Somehow, they managed to lose to the Skins earlier in the season at home and will get the best out of the division rival in this one as well. Depending on how well Dallas’ defense does will tell a lot. Desean Jackson had a nice game on a few big catches last week and Alfred Morris as struggled recently. Cowboys 41, Redskins 28

Andrew Luck and the Colts need to stay focused this week and avoid turnovers.
Andrew Luck and the Colts need to stay focused this week and avoid turnovers.

Indianapolis at Tennessee. Andrew Luck needs this game more than the entire city of Indianapolis. Winning this division wasn’t an issue even before the season began. It feels as though the Colts have had the AFC wrapped up since week 4. But Luck has played his worst stretch of games perhaps in his career in the past month and while this isn’t a big game in a broader sense, this will go a long ways in determining the level of confidence and danger of this offense going forward. The Titans are pretty bad. Colts 38, Titans 20

San Diego at Kansas City. I’m honestly only hoping the Chiefs win this one. With Alex Smith out, it may be tough to trust their offense considering the underuse of Jamaal Charles the last two weeks. But the KC defense is good and they are still technically alive.  The Chargers are continuing to do better than expected. This would be a big win for a team in need of some momentum if they are to make any kind of noise in the playoffs. Chiefs 21, Chargers 16

NY Jets at Miami. The Jets have had their best games in the biggest games and still managed to lose. Rex Ryan just hasn’t been the kind of coach that the city of New York was hoping for after those first two years in the AFC Championship. This year would’ve been tough for Vince Lombardi to succeed. The talent-pool on the Jets is low and they are just a bit behind in the times offensively. Miami has seen some encouraging signs but just can’t get over the hump. Joe Philbin is coming back for another year, but Ryan Tannehill and friends really have to get it together. Dolphins 20, Jets 13

New Orleans at Tampa Bay. In another meaningless game, it’s going to be tough to watch Drew Brees play for nothing. But the Bucs are always doing that. Neither team has been really impressive at all this year. The Saints looked okay a few weeks ago. But not much else can be said for either team. New Orleans 35, Tampa Bay 24

Philadelphia at NY Giants. Odell Beckham and the Giants just keep getting better. This kid has a bright future in the league and the G-Men should be excited. Unfortunately, the Eagles are still in play and will bring the wood in this one. Who knows which player will be the big performer, but someone has got to step up for Philly. Eagles 27, Giants 24

Jacksonville at Houston. Houston really surprised me last week. Keenum was sharp and Foster was elusive. The defense played very inspired and it just was never close. A lot has to happen for the Texans to make the playoffs, but they will likely be doing all they can to make it happen. The Jags have a very good player in Blake Bortles. If they can just find (and keep) top talent, they may have a chance down the road. Texans 17, Jaguars 10

Carolina at Atlanta. This division sucks. Yes, their records suck. But the teams suck, too. No one can stay healthy and there’s just not much to get excited about. Cam Newton can be a superstar at times, but he’s more mediocre than anything else. Julio Jones is great, but he’s not going to be completely healthy until the season is over. The Panthers still have a strong defense. But neither team looks like a scary opponent going forward. Panthers 28, Falcons 21

Oakland at Denver. Peyton Manning needs this one. Last week was a big surprise and the 4 INT’s were even more alarming. Don’t expect a monster game this week (as the running game will most likely be featured) but you can count on Manning to tighten things up in this last one. The Raiders have looked much better to end the season. But the season isn’t over. Broncos 30, Raiders 13

Detroit at Green Bay. These two teams are looking good. Not much separates them. Dominic Raiola would’ve been a big help for the Lions’ running game, but I’m not so sure that would’ve made a game-altering effect at Lambeau Field. Aaron Rodgers is primed for another deep postseason run. Packers 31, Lions 24

St. Louis at Seattle. This game features the two best defenses from this season. I don’t care about the numbers, it’s just the truth. Too bad the Rams don’t have much of a passing game. There should be some talent in this upcoming draft. And after this game they should be set for a decent pick. The Seahawks are really playing well right now. The offense has shown some versatility and they might be the best team in the league right now. Seahawks 23, Rams 13

Arizona at San Francisco. No one expected the 49ers to be this average. Not with all the talent they had stock-piled coming into the year. The Cardinals have dealt with shitty luck. While this game still has some meaning, I can’t see the Cards doing anything on offense. 49ers 16, Cardinals 3

Le'Veon Bell has been running over the competition all season long.
Le’Veon Bell has been running over the competition all season long.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. Who has been more up and down this season than the Bengals? And yet Cincy has a chance to win the division if they can win on the road against the Steelers. A defense that was once vaunted and feared is now weak and vulnerable. The Steelers aren’t my favorite, but they are good. Le’Veon Bell has been All-Pro and Antonio Brown just keeps performing. Steelers 31, Bengals 27

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