That Guy: Who Flaunts His Wealth

Counting your money in plain sight, really? Someone needs to be slapped. Wait. That already happened.
Counting your money in plain sight, really? Someone needs to be slapped. Wait. That already happened.

Whether you’re made of money or a baller on a budget, chances are you have at least one friend with some kind of freedom to make it rain. But this guy is a lot like the dude that everyone thinks is cocky. Confident guys are cocky too, they are just quiet about it. Rich people spend there money. Sometimes they spend it in bunches. But this kind of bro is the one who has money and wants everyone to know about it.

There’s lots of good and bad that comes with hanging around this guy, but it’s mostly bad (especially when it’s not summertime). Have you ever bought shots for friends because another friend is buying shit and looked like a fucking cheapskate in comparison? Well, chances are happens often around this friend and he lets you know about it. Often.

Perhaps you don’t buy drinks at the bar anymore, likely because you got smart and realized that has nothing to do with getting laid or you didn’t graduate from college six months ago and you finally have some bills to pay other than the bar tab. There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with this guy if his intentions are to do anything other than have fun.

Back in college I was that guy. I had another friend who was that guy for a short period of time. But then he failed out, so that doesn’t really count. Towards the end of college we had keggars every weekend and there was one main benefactor (sometimes I bought them all on my own). We’d go to this one beat up bar/strip club. Yes, you heard that right. AND the strip club was BYOB. But it was Middle America and the strippers were either underage or pregnant. Sometimes both. Yuck. Anyways, they had a Wednesday night special of dollar Jager Bombs. The shot glasses weren’t standard and it probably wasn’t really red bull. But the idea was there and so was the epicness of walking into the bar and lining up endless shots.

There’s an alluring feeling of greatness when you’re that guy. The issue isn’t how it makes you feel, but how it makes you look. Overcompensating. Insecure. Pompous. Cocky. The list goes on of colorful adjectives that were chosen to describe my antics and likely those your friend encompasses. A lot of it really comes back to the old money/new money argument that you will likely get if you travel somewhere up north(east). Or maybe it’s even sort of stuck in the division of rich and wealthy. Wealthy people save and invest and their kids and extended family members have their own money. Rich people spend and spend and sometimes give out money to others. But it doesn’t directly effect their family members and anyone in the future. If you’re smart, you’ll put the kid in his most. If he’s nice, you would never have had this problem in the first place.

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