Bigger is Better. Or Lamer.

bigjohnsonNot that wearing “funny” or expressive t-shirts is necessarily out at the moment (however that’s for a completely separate reason), but don’t you remember particular shirts that made you just shake your head any time you saw them on someone? Well, some of the included shirts were, but weren’t limited to, Big Dogs and Big Johnson. There were also the Calvin and Hobbes shirts that eventually became more common as decals on pickup trucks, but another extra-lame shirt that people wore were those “If you’re not living close to the edge” ones. I’d like to think it was from a Mountain Dew commercial, but either way it was exceedingly pathetic.

I admit, in all my glory, I’ve had some different t-shirts that say funny shit. But I’d like to think they weren’t as commonly worn (as the manufacturer was small-time and West Coast-based). There’s just something about the shirts that either scream insecurity or make you wonder who actually thought that shit was funny.

bigdogsWhatever, I guess it was the cool thing for kids to wear in middle/early high school years. It was as close kids were going to come to wearing something racy at school without getting sent home. However, if someone had those shirts lying around I’d be curious if they still wore. I’ve only seen them on actual dogs, but I’m pretty sure there was a whole fucking Big Dogs Outlet somewhere in America. So there’s undoubtedly someone, somewhere (likely in Middle America) that wears the fuck outta those things.

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