Getting Paid and Getting Laid

College football player dates porn star.
College football player dates porn star.

It’s easy to call them haters and jealous. And truth be told, that’s exactly what it is. Yet, there is some need to want more and more and more in this day and age when it comes to anything and everything. For all the Shabazz Napier’s in the world of college athletics, there are plenty of individuals (of all colors- so as not to offend anyone, though people get offended by everything) that give back and don’t ask for anything in return.

The only side that will be argued on this site or in this post is that these guys already get $200,000 in free educations that they are free to take advantage of for as long as they please. Whether they stick around for one year or four is up to them. We could care less about the kids that aren’t staying for the entire time. They are like the most used it reference to the reason why paying college athletes in the money sports originally came about, but the ones that stick around and don’t make it big are the first to complain.

Just as a further note on the spoils of being a big-time college athlete, there’s the social life and all that it entails. Just like a well-paid, high-profile athlete in a big city, these guys get hordes of girls waiting for them at their door to sleep with them. Sure, there’s the culture that Rolling Stone has recently brought light to in fraternities that doesn’t paint things in a pretty picture. But these guys aren’t in need of anything when they play for the big schools. Maybe there are athletes at D-1 schools that aren’t given free meals and cars to drive around, but there are plenty of schools that do private such perks.

Case in point, Justin Brent of Notre Dame, plays football and is 19 years old. He was dating a porn star and is now dating a “booty” model. Maybe Lisa Ann would’ve picked Brent out of a crowd at the strip club and decided to date him anyways, but being on a famous football team that happens to play for a Catholic university is just as much a PR play for her as anything else. Good for him. But would have such a thing happened for a random kid? I think not. But that’s because he’s a nice guy with good personality, right? I call bullshit.

And beyond that, there are laxstitutes and cleat-chasers and regular groupies that come with the territory. The idea that there aren’t perks to being a “big man on campus” may not be monetary, but it’s not non-existent. There’s always something they are gonna complain about. Now that it seems even more likely that some kind of stipend will be dispersed (more than they get now), it’s likely more will jump on the bandwagon when they have a chance.

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