Complete Mayhem

Gonna miss this one.
Gonna miss this one.

In what was one of the crazier series finales in recent memory, Sons of Anarchy left no doubt as to how things were going to end. The Sopranos finished with Tony possibly living under the radar (though sadly we will never see a spin-off or movie) and Breaking Bad just sort of ended with Walter White collapsing and not much else exciting. But in every final episode ever, there are goodbyes and last hugs and reasons for hope that generally leave viewers with a good feeling. Shows like Gossip Girl and The OC were obviously of a softer genre, but surprisingly featured less crying that anyone was really ready for.

Jax Teller used this final hour (and a half) to go crazy on every known enemy and then some. It wasn’t enough that he killed Gemma and Unser to end the previous episode, he had to go and kill various IRA reps and a King before blowing away August Marks and the shady cop/informant dude whose name escapes me. And then to finally “ride off into the sunset” only realize that sunset was really just the grill of an 18-wheeler. Epic stuff right there.

This was basically what you saw the last few minutes of the finale.
This was basically what you saw the last few minutes of the finale.

Not much else can really be said for what the final episode meant to many fans. It was a rollercoaster of emotions thrown into one final appearance for a guy that gave up being Christian Grey because there was too much of a conflict in characters between projects. Still, between all the storylines that might’ve been not so realistic, the end was about as real as it gets. And there’s not many other ways you would have wanted it to end in all honesty. It was much less horrific (oddly enough) for Jax to splatter his guts on the highway than bleed out from gunshot wounds at the hands of Chibs. Given the murders that Jax carried out (in good intention or not), SOA set up for a memorable final ride.

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