That Guy: That Calls Instead of Texting

Don't talk to me bro.
Don’t talk to me bro.

Have you ever had that one friend that can’t text a couple words to say what he wants to do? Yeah, that guy is a pain in the ass. Most dudes like to text one or two word answers because it’s simple. What the fuck else do we have to talk about? Sometimes guys have feelings and there are people to talk about that stuff with. I’m not saying it’s awk for guys to talk to other dudes about their feelings, it just shouldn’t be common-place.

Yet, for some reason, there’s always that friend that wants to tell you his life story. When you’re dating a chick, depending upon how serious it is, you aren’t necessarily talking every day. And yet this guy makes a point of making contact religiously. Maybe he has a crush on you. Maybe he just really has no other good friends. There’s nothing wrong with that. Then again, isn’t that what girls are for. They want to talk about their feelings. Guys don’t even want to talk about that kind of shit with most girls. And what are we going to get out of a conversation like that with our bros?

I had once had a friend in high school that would call every day (back before texting was normal or even really possible) and this kid wanted to talk for up to 30 minutes. I didn’t even want to talk to girls I had dirty thoughts about for 30 minutes, what made him think I was interested in that kind of commitment with a dude? It got to the point to where he thought we were in some kind of relationship and we got upset that I didn’t want to hang out every weekend. He would tell me about his personal problems and then make of sex stories with some girl he was apparently dating. Shit got weird and I eventually just told the kid to back the fuck off. I have my fair share gay friends and relatives and I could care less about what someone wants to do with their life, but I don’t like feeling uncomfortable and don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea.

So what do you do with that kind of guy? Well, I know it’s played out since the high school years but ignore him. Not for the same reasons you would a girl, but because the friendship is either worth it or it’s not. In my curious situation, it became evident rather quickly what I needed to do. That’s a pretty extreme one though. But to be safe, never be that guy.

One thought on “That Guy: That Calls Instead of Texting

  1. fairymeisie says:

    I have one of those friends. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like talking on the phone unless I really like you or I have to, other than that, nope. Just text. But does this person listen? Noooooooo. Even after repeated conversations about texting rather than phoning, this person still wants to call. Omg. Drives me nuts lol

    Le sigh.

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