A Case of Charity

If you want the easy way out.
If you want the easy way out.

Some people just can’t catch a break. Others just don’t have what they need to get started. For whatever reason, people find a way onto GoFundMe.com and use the community for other things than the original intention of the site. Like Kickstarter (though that’s admittedly supposed to be geared more towards projects/big money functions), GoFundMe.com is a public site open to people looking for open-ended donations to fund various endeavors.

Unfortunately, some individuals have found their way onto the site looking for handouts. Instead of doing the hard work needed to get where you want these people are just asking for money because they’ve been dealt a shitty hand at life. Why is that anyone else’s problem? It’s not. Rather than picking out a particular example of such an ad, we will just discuss some of the different cases and change names and such. Wouldn’t want anyone getting free publicity and money being an asshole (not that it’s not my goal from doing this, but it’s not quite the same thing). The oldest child from Honey Boo Boo tried opening up a fund for her family because they apparently didn’t save any money and now must actually go find real jobs to live. Crazy, right?!?

Yes, good people deserve good things to happen to them too. But everyone has it hard right now. Asking for help is different than asking for handouts. There’s actually an entire section devoted to newlyweds! Why is that crazy? Because getting married, like having children, is a big decision in life! One that comes with the realization that lots and lots of dollars are needed to make it happen. If you can’t afford it, then either you have to deal with a courthouse wedding or practice one of the most important attributes needed for life: patience.

It’s one thing when you are looking for help to pay for something, but it’s ridiculous seeing all these people asking for money for everything to be paid. Let’s be clear, a person that can’t pay for hospitable bills from a deathly illness or needed surgery, etc., etc. are worthy reasons to have a fund or charity (as terrible as the word may sound). We aren’t discussing the people that have a good reason for this sorta thing. And that was likely what this site was originally intended for. Sadly, even the site managers are taking advantage of the nice people.

Because money does grow on trees.
Because money does grow on trees.

It’s wild, though. You see all these couples asking for help with their honeymoon when somehow they can afford the luxury of engagement and/or wedding photos, yet they aren’t able to afford other necessary things. And what do you think people did years ago when they couldn’t pay for school? They got a fucking job and dealt with it. How many people do you know that are under the age of 28 that don’t still have student loans to pay off? Yes, I didn’t have to worry about that. It’s probably because I’m a privileged white person. But that’s not my fault and that doesn’t mean my opinion is any less relevant. Sometimes hard work is rewarded. Do you know how many different scholarships are out there if you just look? Sometimes you don’t even need to have done anything special to get them.

Then you have these idiots in need of funding because they can’t pay for pets bills. Okay, so no one does anything deliberately to have this kind of shit happen to their dog. But when you get a dog you have to realize that there is a chance that bad things could happen. Animals cost a lot of money. Life isn’t always going to be easy. Money isn’t going to fall out of trees. Another personal post by a girl in her mid-20s wrote some sob story about having bad things happen to her like having her tires blow out, and not getting paid for an internship, and not being able to find a job, and what do you expect? The economy sucks for everyone! So you deal with life. You pick yourself up off the ground, stop feeling sorry yourself, and make shit happen. Or you can get on this stupid site and sit back and wait for people to do everything for you.


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