That Guy: Who Hovers

Truth is, he’s probably not a bad dude. He’s just socially awkward enough to be someone that you’re friendly with but not really friends. Nice bros do befriend him and then he becomes to guy that just stares but doesn’t open his mouth. It’s not like this is a kind of bro that is necessarily bad looking or anything like that, he just never figured out how to talk to girls.

He's watching you and he won't leave.
He’s watching you and he won’t leave.

Worse off, he fucks with your game. Even if you close on your own, he makes it tougher for you because he agrees with females too often and being a dick is just so much easier than the nice guy approach. If you don’t luck out sticking him at the bar getting drinks and taking forever because he can’t talk loud enough for anyone to hear, then you have to deal with things be awkward for way too long.

Being a nice guy isn’t a turn-off for hot girls. Being too nice is though. And sometimes that shit just gets annoying. If you are a fellow nice guy, then you have to deal with being a dick to a dude that hasn’t really done anything wrong being on your conscience forever. But how long can you put up with this guy just following you around all night or showing up and standing in the circle of friends and never saying a thing?

A guy from home who’s nice and polite has this very problem. He could do okay with the ladies if he knew how to open his mouth, but instead he just hovers. You want to tell him to chill out or shake him till all the creepy seeps out the kid. Funny thing is, he gets invited to all the parties and it’s not like anyone has an issue with him. He’s never overstepped boundaries with girls or made an ass of himself in public. Then again, no one tends to notice the guy that stands just outside the group or isn’t able to start conversations and would rather laugh along/agree with what everyone else has to say.

You have to feel bad for the guy, but it’s not likely that he’s going to be on the inside. He’s always going to be that guy that you might find hanging out with the cool kids at the big events, but he’s never invited to the house parties. Exclusivity isn’t his thing because he has trouble with intimacy and getting to know people because of shit just being so socially awkward for everyone involved. So a word to the wise: be nice but don’t be too nice, or else you will be shadowed for an indefinite period of time and you might not be happy about it.

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