The Infallible NFL Week 14 Straight Picks

I’m trying to right the ship by getting picks in prior to the Thursday Night game for the first time in recent memory. Last week completely blew up any credibility I might’ve accrued with my impressive start to the Pick ‘Em season. If I went back and tracked my picks for my Baltimore Ravens, the New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Kansas City Chiefs; I’d probably find myself completely ass backwards. But this has been a strange season with enough twists and turns to make even the mildest of fans irate. So here goes…

Week 13 8-8, Overall 131-60

Week 14

Dallas at Chicago. In what promises to be an interesting game, we have a meeting of two teams going in different directions stacked with talent. Regardless of the Cutler-Marshall saga, the Bears have the fluidity on offense to figure things out and score big (especially at home). Matt Forte will have more open running lanes this week and Martellus Bennett may look to show up his former team. DeMarco Murray continues to play well even with an inconsistent Tony Romo beside him. Whose defense is worse? Dallas 38, Chicago 31

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Neither of these teams has been predictable. The Steelers weren’t supposed to be this good, but after the rough stretch the Bengals went through mid-season neither were they. This is a tough division to figure out, but this game will help things slowly shake out down the stretch. Le’Veon Bell has been crazy good and Antonio Brown has been very impressive as well. Meanwhile Ben Roethlisberger is finally playing consistent football. Too bad Pittsburgh’s defense is terrible. The Bengals haven’t been as great on D as everyone expected, but their offense was even worse to start the season. Injuries to Giovanni Bernard and AJ Green didn’t help out, but Jeremy Hill and Mohammed Sanu have been able to fill in admirably. Andy Dalton wasn’t worth the big money. Bengals 28, Steelers 24

Indianapolis at Cleveland. A few weeks ago it looked like the Browns would finally get it together and bring some pride to the city of Cleveland. And then they decided that they liked being mediocre better. Johnny Manziel might be the flashy and popular pick, but Brian Hoyer is still the smart, calculated one. Hoyer has turned the ball over too many times recently, but the running game has been in and out while the offensive line hasn’t been their best. It might not matter this week against an Indianapolis team that hasn’t skipped a beat on offense since getting embarrassed by the Patriots a few weeks back. Colts 34, Browns24

Tampa Bay at Detroit. Tampa Bay has been better of late and Doug Martin actually showed up for the first time all year. Vincent Jackson isn’t completely irrelevant even after the emergence of Mike Evans. There are things to be excited about in the future for this franchise, they just have to wait a little bit longer. The Lions are an intriguing team with the right parts to be successful down the stretch. Calvin Johnson had his first big game since coming back and Joique Bell seems to be the answer going forward. Still not convinced about Matthew Stafford being a championship-caliber guy. Lions 27, Buccaneers 13

NY Giants at Tennessee. The Giants blew a big lead last week against the lowly Jaguars. After Odell Beckham’s primetime catch, it appeared the Giants might have had something to be happy about. Sadly, that was not the case. The Titans aren’t very good, but they aren’t terrible either. Zach Mettenberger hasn’t been terrible when he isn’t busy taking selfies. It wouldn’t be a stretch to expect an “upset” with the home team coming away with this one, but Rashad Jennings has been a very positive addition to this team. Giants 31, Titans 21

It's possible that Tre Mason could become a bigger name than his famous rapper father.
It’s possible that Tre Mason could become a bigger name than his famous rapper father.

St. Louis at Washington. Tre Mason went off this past week and Shaun Hill has been solid as the Rams defense has slowly become who many thought they could be. The Rams don’t have a scary offense but Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey has a history of success playing together going back to their days at West Virginia. Meanwhile, the Redskins continue to free-fall and Alfred Morris has absolutely nothing to do with it. Perhaps it’s the system and not the players. Pierre Garcon has become an afterthought with DeSean Jackson taking over his old position. There’s too much talent on this roster to continue to fail. Rams 24, Redskins 21

Baltimore at Miami. It was an exciting week for both of these teams last week. But it was for different reasons. The Ravens showed their vulnerability in pass defense and questionable playing-calling while the Dolphins showed their vulnerability in run defense and lack of big-play potential. Look for fireworks in this one or way or another. Ravens 35, Dolphins 28

NY Jets at Minnesota. This is gonna be a snoozefest. Neither team has a passing game to speak of and both are relatively solid on defense. Expect lots of run, maybe some trick plays, but not too many highlights or points. Vikings 17, Jets 14

Carolina at New Orleans. Somehow, the Panthers still aren’t quite out of it, but they haven’t helped themselves out any just yet. The Saints had a good game last week and were able to make pretty quick work of the Steelers IN PITTSBURGH. Drew Brees is too proud to go away without a fight. It’s amazing how much better Carolina would be if they didn’t have boneheaded players on defense and guys that could catch the ball/throw on target on offense. Saints 31, Panthers 24

Houston at Jacksonville. After the excitement of last week, Jacksonville will go back to being below average. Arian Foster is back and playing as well as ever and Ryan Fitzpatrick played out of his mind. DeAndre Hopkins isn’t too bad, but someone has to pick up for Andre Johnson. And how about JJ Watt? Is that guy a stud or what? Texans 34, Jaguars 21

CJ Anderson has given Broncos fans plenty of reasons to jump for joy.
CJ Anderson has given Broncos fans plenty of reasons to jump for joy.

Buffalo at Denver. A great defense meets a great offense. Fred Jackson is back and should do well against a soft run defense, but Kyle Orton doesn’t have the game to beat teams on his own. Sammy Watkins is electrifying but terribly inconsistent. The run game is great in Denver, but it seems more like a diversion than an ongoing plan. Still, CJ Anderson has been exceptional. Broncos 27, Bills 23

Kansas City at Arizona. The Chiefs haven’t looked too good the past couple weeks. Luckily for them, the Cardinals have been even worse. They can’t run and they can’t pass much either. Jamaal Charles has found a way to play great despite the rest of his team. Bet on a big game from everyone this time around. Chiefs 35, Cardinals 14

San Francisco at Oakland. Well, after last week I don’t think there’s much to say about this one. Unless Colin Kaepernick just completely sucks this will likely be a blowout. 49ers 41, Raiders 13

Seattle at Philadelphia. Philly has been impressive on offense, but the Seahawks have been even better. The Legion of Boom appears to be back. Russell Wilson may have to slow this game down a bit, but Mark Sanchez isn’t great against these kinds of tough defenses. Seahawks 28, Eagles 20

New England at San Diego. After last week, the Chargers have set themselves up with an even bigger matchup with the Pats. Rivers has a big game and Keenan Allen reclaimed his top receiver spot. Antonio Gates has been good even while most continue to expect the younger backups to jump him. Ryan Matthews is a helpful change of pace in the run game and the defense has been almost as good as the start they had at the beginning of the season. Tom Brady didn’t get the job done last week in Green Bay. Not sure what happened but the run game went out the window and the lack of balance hurt them too much to keep the Pack honest. This week should be a decent rebound though it might be close. Patriots 37, Chargers 28

Atlanta at Green Bay. The Falcons are still tied for first. How is that possible? How is Steven Jackson still playing? Answers that likely have no real answer. Julio Jones was great last week with Roddy White being taken out of the game by Patrick Peterson. Matt Ryan has improved in the last couple weeks, but Aaron Rodgers is just too good. If Eddie Lacy can get in the end zone a few times by the end of the 3rd quarter, the game won’t be too close in the end. Packers 35, Falcons 17

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