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fantasyWeek 13 is generally the week that fantasy football players praise the heavens or realize all is lost. Everyone knows what they what’s going on, but no one really knows what’s coming. I have a league I just started up this year that still has two weeks to go, but will eventually move to a two-week playoff format for each matchup. Playing one week after dominating for an entire season is no way to go down. At least if you get the shit kicked out of you by a lesser opponent it feels more legitimate.

Have you ever had that team that scores the second most in a week but still loses? Yeah, that happens sometimes. Hopefully you don’t get lineups wrong too often, because having the most consistent team generally yields the most consistent results. This time always makes me hate having played in a standard league (I only have one PPR league, who am I?). PPR is the only way to go, which is why ESPN tends to be less desirable. But there’s tons of different avenues when looking leagues.

What’s crazier is when you have the owners that drop players because they aren’t in the Championship Playoffs. God I hate those guys. But how often does it happen that you find yourself in a league that is devoid of quality owners and so you just don’t ever really think of picking up guys? That just happened to me today. I picked up Jeremy Hill of the Cincinnati Bengals several weeks ago when Giovanni Bernard went down and didn’t really think to look on the waiver wire. I had already decided that sitting on Jerick McKinnon as a 4th option was okay for some terrible reason and Frank Gore was a flex play if needed. Having Justin Forsett and Alfred Morris is enough from week to week. Combing over my roster I really don’t understand how CJ Anderson and Odell Beckham went unclaimed for so long.

Yahoo! leagues generally don’t get to the playoffs till next week, but I’ve managed to keep most of those in check as well. If you read the previous paragraph and have come to the conclusion that I’m not very good at fantasy you would be wrong. I am in the Top 3 in 6 of 7 ESPN leagues and have made the playoffs. And I’m still in playoff for the playoffs for all 4 Yahoo! leagues. Anyways, the fun is about to begin. Figuring out how to play through teams that are resting players or teams that are trying out guys that haven’t yet gotten a chance is always pretty dicey. If you’re not one of those guys that actually plans that out when you draft or you got dealt a shitty hand by injuries, there’s not really a crazily scientific way to do it. This is why two-week playoffs matchups are so helpful. Still, we are seeing teams like the Patriots flop their lineup and basically start LeGarrette Blount a few days after being kicked off the Steelers and Johnny Manziel having the opportunity to jump into the starting position because he had a touchdown run that meant nothing (and a fumble that sorta meant something). CJ Anderson isn’t the pass-blocker that Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball are, so who knows how that will affect his value. And then you have to figure in anyone that faces one of the top corners from week to week. Thursday Night Football has made fantasy sports a full-time gig. So if you aren’t getting paid, then you are doing it wrong.

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