The Infallible NFL Week 13 Straight Picks

After a rough start to things on Thanksgiving, it’s tough to find a reason for why you should trust me. But last week I went a healthy 11-4 despite losing 3 of the first 4, so anything is possible. There’s plenty of better matchups this week with certainty and I’d expect the below average number of 1 correct in the first 3 to change quickly. It’s tough picking against your own team, but I’ll be damned if I choose some of the same teams as last week. Maybe I just think some of these teams should be better than they are.

Cleveland at Buffalo. Neither of these teams is very consistent but the Bills defense has been very good all year. Josh Gordon made a big comeback and the running back by committee for the Browns was successful last week. Kyle Orton will be the difference one way or another. Bills 23, Browns 17

Cincinnati at Tampa Bay. Suddenly the Bengals are solid again. Gio Bernard wasn’t great last week, but Jeremy Hill was. AJ Green is back to being elite and they play a weak Buccaneer D this week. Bengals 28, Buccaneers 20

A healthy Arian Foster means good things for this Houston team.
A healthy Arian Foster means good things for this Houston team.

Tennessee at Houston. This is an interesting matchup if only because the Texans haven’t had an answer at the QB position this season. But we expected that. With Arian Foster back to what we can assume is full strength it’s tough to bet against them. Texans 16, Titans 13

Washington at Indianapolis. The Colts defense hasn’t been great of late. And the offense has turned it over a good deal. But that hasn’t stopped them from winning. The Redskins just have too many questions to answer in this one to win against Andrew Luck at home. At least Alfred Morris should have a solid game. Colts 35, Redskins 20

Oakland at St. Louis. The Rams are a curious team with tons of potential. The Raiders aren’t as bad as they look. Unfortunately, the Raiders are just a bunch of older dudes on defense with a young and inexperienced (though hopeful) offense. Rams 27, Raiders 14

Carolina at Minnesota. The Vikes just can’t catch any breaks. But the Panthers really haven’t fared much better. What trend will break today when these two teams meet? Carolina should be so much better but they still mathematically aren’t out of the divisional race. Expect Cam Newton to finally have a good game. Panthers 31, Vikings 23

New Orleans at Pittsburgh. I’m done waiting for the Saints to show up. Luckily for them, their division sucks. Too bad they have to travel to Pittsburgh to play a team that keeps on winning. Steelers 38, Saints 31

New York Giants at Jacksonville. When will the Jags have a winning season? It feels like several decades ago that they were a fixture in the AFC playoff race. The Giants used to be the team that would tank one season and then win the Super Bowl the next. Now they are just consistently bad. Eli has been better of recent and Odell Beckham is a household name all of a sudden. Giants 24, Jaguars 21

San Diego at Baltimore. The Ravens really surprised me this past week. The big West-Coast offenses that have had success for several years tend to be daunting for a Baltimore team that has been up and down but Justin Forsett just continues to produce. Philip Rivers has been subpar since an MVP-caliber start to the year, which player will show up today? And will it matter against this awesome defensive front? Ravens 34, Chargers 27

Arizona at Atlanta. A few weeks ago this pick was a no-brainer. Now with a struggling running game and a backup QB in charge for the rest of the season, it’s a tough one. The Falcons play well at home but haven’t won outside of their division this season. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones better get on the same page for this one. Cardinals 24, Falcons 10

The Packers need a good day in the running game to slow things down against a high-scoring offense of New England.
The Packers need a good day in the running game to slow things down against a high-scoring offense of New England.

New England at Green Bay. The Pats haven’t lost to the NFC North since 2002. The Packers look awfully good since Rodgers play came into question with the 1-2 start. How big of an influence with Revis Island and Brandon Browner play against Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb? Packers 33, Patriots 24

Denver at Kansas City. The Chiefs have played to their competition and this one is really important to their chances of winning the division. Both teams have been productive on offense and the Chiefs have that home crowd to play within. Jamaal Charles has a good one here. Chiefs 27, Broncos 24

Miami at New York Jets. Will the Jets ever win again? This might be their last good chance, and not because the Dolphins aren’t really good. The hype of a Monday Night game should help them, but Ryan Tannehill is rolling. If the Dolphins running game gets going, watch out. Dolphins 21, Jets 14

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