Heart On His Sleeve

This guy should never be allowed to procreate.
This guy should never be allowed to procreate.

Whether you think reality television should be extinct or not, you’ve got to appreciate characters that play a part well and make you believe it. Jax, from Vanderpump Rules, may just be the dumbest individual on TV in recent memory (save anyone ever on Rock of Love). Tom Sandoval doesn’t make it any easier as the most feminized male ever (dude seriously talks about makeup and skin accessories several time a day). But that’s what makes Jax so fucking hilarious. When it came out that he and Kristen had sex (several times), Jax just laughed it off and then blamed it on Tom for not satisfying his girlfriend. Baller.

What’s not so baller? Getting a girl’s name tattooed to your arm. Twice. The first mistake happened in a desperate attempt to get a girl, Stassi (who’s a huge bitch), to stay with him after cheating and such. Dude’s a model. What do you think is going to happen? Anyways, he gets her name on his bicep and then is perplexed when she isn’t thrilled.

One of the main reasons the show is anything but peaceful.
One of the main reasons the show is anything but peaceful.

Not sure how made up things are on the show, but being friends with Tom again is just pathetic on the latter’s behalf. Who wants to bet Jax has sex with Arianna before the show is off the air? God knows he won’t give a fuck. But moreover, this new season has seen Jax string along two girls (one living in Las Vegas at the time- and probably dating tons of other dudes) and still manage to tattoo a different girl’s name on his inner bicep yet again. Homeboy isn’t even exclusive with this chick and he does that shit? Pretty sure we are an episode away from seeing Jax dump Carmen. Better not get another flower tattoo, dude.

Anyways, whether it’s reality television or reality the moral of the story is that you don’t get a tattoo with someone’s name on it unless they are kin or def not going anywhere. And that Vanderpump Rules is relatively entertaining.

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