The Infallible NFL Week 12 Straight Picks

Each week I miss filling you in on my picks for the upcoming week I end up having a terrible record. I’ve been late on Thursday games before and have gotten them right, so let’s not delve into my wrong choices last night. Last week was a very underwhelming 8-6, and while I’ve been trying to pick upsets rather than just picking who I really think will win it’s been tough. So he we are with Week 12 picks.

Pre-Thursday Night record 112-48.

Cleveland at Atlanta. Who are the Browns? Not sure this game will tell us much, but it might give us a good idea as to whether they are serious about the playoffs this year. Josh Gordon will look be to a huge impact player. The Falcons are very good at home. After last week, I think anything is possible. Falcons 28, Browns 27

Mike Evans has been on a tear of late. Will it continue?
Mike Evans has been on a tear of late. Will it continue?

Tampa Bay at Chicago. These former division rivals match up in what will likely be a high-scoring affair of offenses that have been revived (sort of). Both teams have stud tandem WRs. Who will have the better game? Bears 34, Buccaneers 24

Cincinnati at Houston. The Bengals are an odd team. They start out hot, then get really cold, then decide they don’t want to suck again. Injuries play a big part. So does consistent QB play. The Texans have a solid defense and will have a running game when Arian Foster can go or not. Not sure I believe in Ryan Mallet just yet. Oh well. Texans 21, Bengals 17

Detroit at New England. Tom Brady and the annoying Patriots are on some kind of run right now. They’ve beaten all three other division leaders and are improving with each game, but who else is doing the same? Megatron. And Suh. And Ansah. And Fairley. And an entire Detroit Lion defense. Should be interesting. Patriots 17, Lions 14

Green Bay at Minnesota. Adrian Peterson isn’t coming back this year and Ben Tate wouldn’t be the answer if he had time to learn the system. There’s not much on offense and while special teams and a home crowd may help, Aaron Rodgers, a potent offensive cast, and a defense figuring out its role. Packers 31, Vikings 21

Tennessee at Philadelphia. The Titans have another tough test this week and don’t appear to be getting much better. Zach Mettenberger is playing well and Sankey has done alright in his limited reps. LeSean McCoy will continue his resurgence with Sanchez continuing to play better than many expected (despite the loss last week). Eagles 38, Titans 17

With Ahmad Bradshaw out, Trent Richardson needs to come through for once in his career.
With Ahmad Bradshaw out, Trent Richardson needs to come through for once in his career.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis. Andrew Luck didn’t have his best game last week, but the offense is still very hot. TY Hilton basically got shut out but Reggie Wayne is back and healthier than he’s been in a while. With Ahmad Bradshaw out, the Colts may be airing it out a lot. Denard Robinson has been the lone bright spot in Jacksonville this year. Look for another strong outing from the former Michigan quarterback. Colts 35, Jaguars 20

St. Louis at San Diego. It’s tough to figure out who these teams are. This will be a close game either way. The Charger defense needs to limit the big play and get the pass game going again. Philip Rivers has been a mini-rut for a few weeks now. Chargers 24, Rams 21

Arizona at Seattle. After losing to Kansas City, the Seahawks look to rebound in a big way again division rival Arizona. The Cardinals seem stagnant without Carson Palmer and a once-potent run game isn’t making as many plays. Andre Ellington needs to get more involved this week. Marshawn Lynch may very well be the difference. Seahawks 27, Cardinals 21

Miami at Denver. Did that just happen? Did they really lose to the Rams? Well, Sanders and Thomas were out at the end and the run was abandoned. But how did that happen? The Dolphins are no slouch either, but they haven’t exactly been on fire either. Broncos 41, Dolphins 28

Washington at San Francisco. The Redskins can’t get any worse can they? Does anyone have any faith in RG III? Well, it wouldn’t matter this week anyways because they visit a 49er team on the road that has been playing well after escaping New Orleans with such a big win. 49ers 31, Redskins 27

Dallas at New York Giants. The Cowboys surprised us with a loss to the Redskins a few weeks ago so anything is possible in this division. The Giants continue to lose but have been playing better. Rashad Jennings will help the run game. But who’s going to help that defense? If Dez Bryant brings the wood it will be tough to see a loss here. Cowboys 23, Giants 13

New York Jets at Buffalo. Why couldn’t this game have been played in Miami? I’m sure Detroit was the closest city with a stadium available but this is an in-state game for both teams anyways, why not just play it somewhere not miserable? I’m curious to see how Percy Harvin does this week and if Mike Vick can keep up the solid play. Hopefully Fred Jackson can provide a spark to an anemic offense and provide some relief to a prolific defense. Bills 28, Jets 20

Baltimore at New Orleans. I keep betting on the Saints and they keep losing. I want to believe that this week will be different, but I know my Ravens. Unless Justin Forsett literally carries this offense to a win, it will be tough to keep up with Drew Brees and the monster that is Jimmy Graham. Not having a reputable secondary is just the tip of the iceberg. Saints 38, Ravens 28


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