That Guy: Who Is Always Hitting On Your Ex

Dudes will just never learn.
Dudes will just never learn.

For those of you that grew up in a small town, sharing females isn’t crazy. But for those of you that didn’t grow up with few options for optimal romance (assuming you use that word), you don’t really know much about having two share multiple hookups. Sure, everyone has eskimo brothers in college but that’s not real life. This is about the guys that know better.

Whether they are referred to as junk-yard dogs or the guy that likes the leftovers, everyone has a friend who can’t help up hit on/try to hook up with your ex-girlfriend. It’s not bro code to avoid a guy’s ex. That shit’s for chicks. It’s more about knowing that the kid is going to try shit if there’s ever a chance. And we all know a few guys that we’d never want to think about ex’s being with. It’s also the same guy that you think is good dude who you’d totally help out in any situation necessary, but if your sister ever asked whether she should date him you would respond with a resounding, “FUCK NO!”.

In smaller towns, or tight groups of friends, or even fraternities/athletic squads people share partners. But it’s always the funniest thing when you see a guy hook up with girls after everyone else. It’s not like the girl had any more options. And it’s not like the guy didn’t have plenty of time to find someone else. This is especially alarming with the way social media has affected to ease with which finding dating options should be. Yet for some reason this guy continues the mop-up duty in every situation.

In reality, that guy never actually gets laid. He’s just the guy that swoops in to say that everyone before him was an asshole. Unfortunately, he will say whatever he needs to for success and friendships have no real importance. Girls usually do this kind of shit to get back at bros, but it only looks bad for them. Either that or they are just losing their appeal and know it.


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