The 10 Most Awesomely Terrible Bands Ever

Why only 10 bands, you ask? Well, if I added any more than that there would inevitably more than a few that I actually still really like. Some of these bands had a decent song or two. And all of these bands were pretty popular and around for more than a couple years. While initially it would have been nice to corner this list to a particular decade, that’s probably asking too much because some were formed prior to the decade they were formed. And others were formed at the end of the decade. This list isn’t in order because deciding how a group of lame bands is worth than the other isn’t an exact science.

Korn. Did these dudes actually do any singing? I think they showered more often than they could have been caught singing. And that weird beat-boxing in “Freak on a Leash” was just terrible. How is it that a band with the overall originality to come up with a name like Korn sell so many albums in the late 90s to early 00s?

Staind. It’s been a while since I thought about this terrible band (see what I did there?), and now I’m upset because I’ve got that whiny fucking lead singer’s voice stuck in my head. Was I the only person that wanted to cut themselves when they heard that music? Christ that was depressing.

Creed. Going from a Christian rock band to with a mainstream vibe (for teeny-boppers and people with no ability to hear sound) to an edgy even shittier band with a lead singer that had various addictions really was the only redeeming/interesting thing about this group.

POD. If you look up POD on Wikipedia one of the things it says is Place of Death (apparently a bio term I never paid attention to). I think that says enough about a band that apparently thought they cool enough to write a song directed to the “Youth of the Nation”.

Evanescence. So this band isn’t that bad, if you call a band that thought it was necessary to blend a hair-band rocker with a crooning chick that sounded like she hadn’t been laid in years.

Limp Bizkit. It’s enough that these guys have the worst cover for a song ever (much less a cover of George Michael song), but Fred Durst is the worst white wanna-be rapper this side of the guy from Linkin Park. Which brings us to….

Linkin Park. Why did so many guys think they were cool in high school? Somehow they lasted just long enough to produce an album with Jay-Z. Yeah, that was easily Jigga’s worst career move ever.

Nickelback. Does anyone like this band? It doesn’t really make it any better that they are Canadian. As if that wasn’t enough, lead singer Chad Kroeger is married to Avril Lavigne. Boooo.

Sugar Ray. Not that they didn’t already suck prior to 2007, but when my cheap-ass, poor excuse for a college decided to get this lame-o group to perform and the majority of people that showed up outside of the enrolled students were all middle aged uggos I knew they were crap.

Three Doors Down. I used to hang out with a girl that said she was dating the bassist from Three Doors Down. She was a 6 at best. If you can’t do better than that when you sell x-amount of records then you know you suck at life.


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