The Infallible NFL Week 10 Straight Picks

It’s funny, the one week I take off (or lose track of time) I bomb on my picks. Luckily, for anyone that tunes in they didn’t have to see any of that. I went 7-6 while attempting to choose some upsets. Well, back to the drawing board. Didn’t get a great start to the week with the Bengals. Let’s see what happens…

Overall 94-39, Week 9 7-6

Atlanta at Tampa Bay. The Falcons will finally get some scoring in, so will the Bucs. Atlanta can’t win away from home this year, but the Bucs just can’t win. Falcons 27, Buccaneers 24

Kansas City at Buffalo. Two good defenses meet in a tilt of 5-3 teams. What’s the difference going to be today? Jamaal Charles. Either that or Sammy Watkins needs to go off. Chiefs 24, Bills 17

Dallas at Jacksonville. After two bad games by the Cowboys it’s time to right the ship. The Jags have been improving on offense, especially with Denard Robinson, but the defense is still a bit too porous. Cowboys 31, Jaguars 21

Back and healthy, watch him flourish. It's Megatron!
Back and healthy, watch him flourish. It’s Megatron!

Miami at Detroit. Another matchup of two good defenses. The Dolphins have been great (fantasy football too) and the running game is surprisingly one of the best in the game even without an elite runner. Megatron comes back today. Lions 28, Dolphins 24

Tennessee at Baltimore. Losing two in a row might hurt the looks of Baltimore’s record, but losing Jimmy Smith for the rest of the season is even worse. The secondary was terrible even with him, but now it’s really hurting. Even having an all-world group of linebackers and d-lineman isn’t enough. Oh wait, they are playing the Titans? Ravens 31, Titans 17

San Francisco at New Orleans. How do these teams not have better records? That’s a tough one to answer. This one comes down to QB play. Saints 38, 49ers 28

Pittsburgh at NY Jets. One team is killing it on offense, the other doesn’t have much of an offense to speak of. The same can be said in reverse for the defenses. Might be closer than you’d think, but that’s it. Steelers 19, Jets 14

Denver at Oakland. Peyton Manning won’t have huge numbers, but the Raiders are terrible. Broncos 35, Raiders 14

St. Louis at Arizona. These two teams are both playing well. The Cardinals are probably the best team in the NFL right now, definitely the NFC. Cardinals 34, Rams 23

NY Giants at Seahawks. Seattle might not be playing great these days but it’s the Giants and they haven’t played well at all recently. Seattle 23, NY Giants 17

Chicago at Green Bay. Should be a high-scoring game filled with plenty of Jay Cutler turnovers. At least he’s a better actor than Aaron Rodgers. Packers 41, Bears 27

If Sanchez can use his head more, this might be a controversy when Foles gets back.
If Sanchez can use his head more, this might be a controversy when Foles gets back.

Carolina at Philadelphia. Doesn’t sound like much of an exciting game, but this should provide plenty of fireworks. Hopefully Cam can get back on track and Benjamin can actually hold onto the ball. Still, Maclin and McCoy have been doing great. Might even see a great game out of Mark Sanchez. Eagles 37, Panthers 27


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