This is what city officials want you to think.
This is what city officials want you to think.

I hate having to “beat a dead horse” with the topic, but it’s something every person living in a metropolitan-sized area can empathize with. Parking in the city of Baltimore needs to change. Whether it’s changing the amount of spots available to visitors or residents, there is an obvious flaw in the system. Yes, you have till 10am the next day to move your car if it’s not parked during a street cleaning. The problem (or one of them anyways), is that the street cleanings change every block and vary in times. So parking on one street might mean it’s a Tuesday morning at 7am and then the next street up may call for Thursday at 8am. It’s all completely subjective and not fair to those that actually aren’t in the top 10% of Americans financially.

Instead of paying a phone bill or electric bill, you end up paying parking tickets. And ensuing penalties come with reluctance to make said payments on time (which is admittedly less ridiculous). If you are one of the lucky few to accrue several tickets and not pay, you run the risk of losing your license for an extended period of time! Yes, simply not parking your car in the correct zone because there aren’t enough spots in first place goes all the way up to the DMV.

All that my current area has discussed is the possibility of more parking for visitors (on volleyball courts that the hippies will definitely be against). But that doesn’t solve any problems because it will just help the people in the Inner Harbor, and those are generally people that don’t park in Federal Hill anyways. There will still be jackasses parking late night in our spots and making things more difficult. The easy way to fix this is to eliminate more visitor parking and/or raise the time of pay to park to discourage people from parking in Federal Hill. People will come to the bars and be forced to park in the spots available for Orioles and Ravens games.  And if making money off of the residents of the state of Maryland is all Baltimore city officials care about (because that’s the way it appears), then having more permit parking later (any time past 5pm) at night would be worth an extra 20 bucks every year to six months.

People love making spots out of nowhere.
People love making spots out of nowhere.

The fact that it is someone’s job just to walk around and put tickets on cars is obnoxious and ridiculous and a waste of tax-payer money. Right now the system doesn’t help the people that live in our area. It hurts the people that are visitors, but it hurts us equally if they are parking in our spots. So far, the only ideas that have come up include adding parking to the street I live on (not going to divulge) which is ridiculous and unnecessary and making the parking on more streets diagonal to try to add room. Great fucking idea guys, make Baltimore just like DC (completely fucking annoying to drive around). All these ideas initially sound like the attempt to is help the people that live in Federal Hill. Instead, it would only make things even more difficult and frustrating. The last thing I want is added crime directly in front of my house past hours.

If you’re really looking to police something do yourself a favor and actually enforce the curfew hours, because I haven’t seen a difference at all. In fact, it’s probably gotten worse. The only way to gain any kind of credibility and support is by giving us something we want and then later asking for help with something in return. Giving a little and then immediately taking away a lot has only upset me more.

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