Need to Be Normal

Whilst randomly searching through the ridiculousness that is Netflix, I stumbled upon a new documentary that I hadn’t seen before. Documentaries are the epitome of awesomeness because they are as much was reality television was supposed to be in the first place. Getting to follow someone around for an extended period of time while they figure out whatever it is they are after. Generally it involves becoming a super-sleuth and other times it just involves living life and letting things happen.

This time I clicked on an interesting piece on the obsession of penis size called Unhung Hero. The documentary, which I initially thought was some kind of spoof movie, actually follows a guy around the world (literally) as he tries to find out whether he has a small penis and if there is a way to make it grow. Unhung actually starts with Patrick Moote exposing his embarrassing proposal to a girlfriend whom rejected him at a UCLA Bruins basketball game that was shown on the jumbotron. She later tells him that she can’t marry a guy with a penis as small as his is. So he has a party in his hometown to and invites bros from high school and former girlfriends and hookups to find out what the real story is behind the size of his penis. There’s a camera in the back for the guests to candidly tell what they remember of him and his small member.

Afterwards, Patrick seeks advice from his parents and brother and eventually decides to seek out advice and different options to potentially improve upon his current length. He tries the product Extenz, which don’t work. Next he seeks out the help of a doctor who practices “jelqing”, which is basically just an awkward way to jerk off. They call it “milking” and refer to it as an exercise. After that fail he decides to travel to several different Asian countries (obvi the smallest dicks in the world) to find out if they have any qualms with being small and perhaps if they have any ideas that might be off the wall. In the below video you see them hanging weights from their dick and balls. It looks painful.

Anyways, long story short without telling you everything even though I kinda just did, Patrick realizes there’s not much he can do about being small and that it’s more about being comfortable with yourself. He finds a girl that wants what he has and doesn’t care as much about his size. Now they didn’t have sex during the filming of the movie so who knows what she eventually thought of it. Odds are she wasn’t an actress but fuck the odds. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking documentary that might make you laugh and also cringe then take a look. Also, if you’re feeling sorry for yourself and need a pick-me-up, then a take a look at this. And finally, if you love that endless amount of information and films out there that are both informative and wild to fathom then take a look at Unhung Hero.

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