Obscure Sports Quarterly

Decorated poker champion, Phil Helmuth.
Decorated poker champion, Phil Helmuth.

Okay, so I ripped the name from a faux magazine in the movie Dodgeball that Milton from Office Space (because I can’t remember his real name) finds the ADAA Dodgeball Tournament posted in. But ever since the introduction of reality television, people all over the world have been enamored with the idea of watching regular dudes do things that any other Joe Schmo could be doing at that very moment. Slowly but surely the sporting world has come around and various sporting events that weren’t at one point considered strategy or tests of patience plus intelligence have become regular television events.

Poker has gone from a online phenomenon to TV and back. Names like Phil Ivey and Phil Helmuth, Scotty Nguyen and Annie Duke are just a few names that were at the forefront of a first generation along with other bigger names that one might initially think of. And then came Chris Moneymaker. Not just his name, but also his humble beginnings (the beginning of the tournament anyways) were a point of emphasis for World Series of Poker (WSOP) organizers in hopes of pulling in more players year after year.

The show 2 Million 2 Months wasn’t on long and it wasn’t tough to see why. The idea of sitting around and blowing cash in online games sounds great, but the guys that were doing it were the lamest of lame. To capture the minds of those most interested in poker and making it a career, finding the everyman rather than the every-nerd is the best approach. Still, with the emergence of professional gaming and other different largely technologically-based platforms is very much due to the part played by poker and how far it has come so quickly. Given a better marketing/advertising initiative, it could very well be a top 10 sport in a country continually becoming influenced by technology each day.

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