It’s Never Enough

This is from a GQ cover shoot, but my guess is his suits alone are worth more than my car. Stop bitching, Kobe.
This is from a GQ cover shoot, but my guess is his suits alone are worth more than my car. Stop bitching, Kobe.

280 million dollars! That’s how much Kobe Bryant has made in salary over his career. 23.5 million dollars. That’s how much he is making this year. He’s worth it in theory, but he’s not a top 20 player anymore and he’s on a team of misfits with limited capabilities. But back to the news that Bryant is making. Bryant has said that the new CBA agreement encourages players to take less money (because of the salary cap) while still being cautious as to what competitions they take part in.

Kobe Bryant is a smart guy. He was born in Italy and skipped college and he still is a well-spoken, intelligent guy. I don’t completely hate him, even though he likely paid off that woman he raped in Colorado several years ago. But he paid for it with the big ring he bought his ex-wife and the million dollar Lamborghini that he had customed into an automatic because she couldn’t drive stick. But that’s neither here nor there. Kobe isn’t dumb and he’s aware of shit going on in the world. So why is HE of all people complaining about how much players are paid? Maybe he sees himself as a spokesman for the players as a well respected veteran. Maybe he thinks people will listen to him and do something about it. Well, people are listening. But so far he just sounds like a whining fucking 37-year old with dwindling ability.

Forget about all the money they make in salary, most of these guys have boundless opportunities to make money in sponsorships. On top of that, they have accountants handlings their money-making decisions. Now it’s not anyone else’s fault when they feel the need to give money to their new-found family members or selfish friends that sponge off the well-meaning players. But shit happens. However, it doesn’t happen for everyone. There’s still life after basketball even if there isn’t. Kobe could have phrased this opinion in a completely different way. He could’ve said that he was speaking on behalf of the bottom 10% of NBA players or those that only last a year or two (though they all make at least 480,000 dollars at the minimum. Instead, he sounded like an asshole. Good job Kobe!

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