My New Obsession

Raymond Reddington is the definition of "badass".
Raymond Reddington is the definition of “badass”.

If you’re looking for a new show to hold you over between Sundays when the Walking Dead is on, or at least between Tuesdays and Sundays because of Sons of Anarchy. Oh hell, let’s say between Wednesday and Sunday because of The League. Well, I guess there’s football in between too. Whatever, the point is there are times when you have absolutely nothing to watch and I’m gonna tell you exactly what to throw on the TV because you might not want to turn it off.

There’s so much shit on TV and on the radio that it’s understandable that no one likes to watch new stuff. Each of the aforementioned shows (sans The League) were shows that I caught up to the real thing via Netflix. Hearing feedback and getting solid opinions before wasting a bunch of your time only to find out a show has been cancelled is always tough. I like waiting for an entire season to air before really sinking my teeth into something.

Do you like Jack Bauer on 24 (the original? How about Francis J. Underwood from House of Cards? Well then you are certainly going to like Raymond Reddington. Dude is a fucking baller. The show revolves around Reddington, a well-know con-artist with extensive ties to every type of criminal organization around the world. He is brought in by the FBI and given what is equal to a life sentence and instead he talks them into a trade of knowledge to catch a plethora of bad guys that he calls “The Blacklist”. Outside of that, there are interesting relationships between Reddington and the FBI agent, Lizzie Keane, whom he takes a special interest in, as well as Keane and her Bones-esque relationship with partner Ressler. In addition, Keane continually gets information from Reddington about her husband, Tom, being sketchy.

Reddington knows everything and always has the answers. Sometimes it’s frustration that he doesn’t just tell them, but he does shit at his own pace and for his own amusement. Dude is funny as shit, too. He’s got quips that would make Law and Order: SVU blush and is so calculating it’s silly. And a comparison to Underwood and Bauer? Yeah, he kills people. He’s not afraid of death. And he’s ruthless as fuck. But there’s still an element to the character that is endearing.

So without giving away too much, just do yourself a favor and check out The Blacklist on Netflix. There’s 22 episodes in the first season and it’s already about a month into the second season. There’s a clunker or two in between that aren’t the best episodes, but for the most part each event that happens is for a reason. Even the best of shows have some episodes that are boring as hell and make us want to skip ahead. And with Netflix, you can do just that. But I’m not sure you will want. Because this show is just that good.

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