The Infallible NFL Week 6 Straight Picks

While trying not to miss things again, of course I wasn’t able to post this by Thursday. But missing one game probably won’t screw up your picks for the week, especially when choosing Houston over Indianapolis wouldn’t have been something many people saw coming. While I am not at the top of the mountain, my picks thus far rank in the top 500 overall on ESPN. So if you want to follow something then definitely take a look at this. Last week’s picks saw three incorrect choices that easily could’ve only been one. Everyone was picking the Bengals to stay undefeated and with good reason. The Patriots came out and played fast while containing the Cincinnati pass rush. The game wasn’t close. Buffalo came back in the 4th quarter much the same as Carolina and both teams won games that they seemingly shouldn’t have.

Record prior to Week 6 54-22, Week 5 12-3

New England at Buffalo. In one of the more anticipated early games, the Patriots come to Ralph Wilson Stadium looking take a bit of control in the AFC East that they have dominated for years. The Bills have a rejuvenated Kyle Orton leading the way along with some dynamic offensive weapons in Fred Jackson/CJ Spiller (kind of) and Sammy Watkins along with an awesome defense that might be too much to contain, even if the Pats speed things up. While the Bengals have a great defense behind the line, the Bills are most impressive on the line. If Orton can be a great game manager and let the defense control the tempo then this game might be interesting. New England 24, Buffalo 17

Carolina at Cincinnati. Cam Newton has been struggling with his ribs to start this season and it has drastically affected his ability to run the ball in given situations. Kelvin Benjamin has shown flashes of becoming the awesome talent that most believe he is. Drops have slowed that progression. With no running game to speak of, the Panther defense really needs to step up again in this one. Unfortunately for Cincy, AJ Green won’t be able to play this weekend. Fortunately for Cincy, Gio Bernard is quickly becoming one of the league’s more dynamic players. Cincinnati 27, Carolina 20

Don’t expect to see Antonio Brown kicking anyone in the head in this game.

Pittsburgh at Cleveland. The Steelers come to Cleveland to play an AFC North game that is always big for both teams regardless of position within the division. Pittsburgh is supposedly on their way down with an aging defense, but has an explosive enough offense to make a playoff push if they can win the big games. The Browns are playing great right now even if it doesn’t always show up in the Win-Loss column. If and when Johnny Football becomes “the guy” and Josh Gordon steps on the field this team will have a real shot at something. But the Browns don’t have what the Steelers have at running back; consistency. Pittsburgh 31, Cleveland 28

Denver at New York Jets. For as impressive as the Broncos’ offense has been, not the same can be said for their defense. Still, the Jets don’t have any consistency on offense and that starts with the quarterback. Regardless of who is playing, there just isn’t enough talent to eek out a win against a team as devastatingly efficient as Denver. Chris Ivory has done well with little and the Jets have tried to get the ball to different guys but Jeremy Kerley isn’t what I’d call scary as far as players that can take over games. Demauryius Thomas might not have another monster game but he’s gonna get in the end zone again, Julius Thomas too. Denver 38, New York Jets 14

Detroit at Minnesota. Without Megatron, the Detroit Lions are going to be looking at Golden Tate more often and Joique Bell will need to shoulder the load in the running game. Defense has been the backbone, but they didn’t come through in the end last week. Matthew Stafford needs a big week as do Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley. The Vikes have done well with Adrian Peterson with a committee of Matt Asiata and Jerelle McKinnon. Whether it’s Teddy Bridgewater or Christian Ponder starting, Minnesota needs a good effort out of Greg Jennings and Cordarelle Patterson. Detroit 23, Minnesota 16

Green Bay at Miami. We wouldn’t blame the Dolphins for a bit of jet lag after their win in England, but the South Beach weather is always a welcome sight in comparison to pretty much anything. Who knows what the running back situation will be with Knowshon Moreno back, but it’s tough to really care because both him and Lamar Miller are hugely mediocre outside of Fantasy Football. Mike Wallace will need some consistent route-running to make things happen in this game, but he can certainly beat the Pack CB’s over the top if they go that route (you see what I did there?). Aaron Rodgers isn’t lighting up the scoreboard, but Green Bay is back over .500 and Eddie Lacy seems to have found his game again as well. Oh, and Jordy Nelson is having a monster season. Green Bay 34, Miami 23

Jacksonville at Tennessee. In a matchup of two teams that no one gives a fuck about we see a combined record of 1-9. Will the Jags ever get better? Their defense really isn’t that bad. They’ve been trying to upgrade their o-line for a while and the only glaring issue right now might be at running back. They just really aren’t good anywhere besides maybe wide receiver, and that’s being generous. The Titans finally can place Bishop Sankey in the starting backfield and see what happens. But who will be their QB? And who will get the targets in the passing game? So many questions that I don’t care what the answers are. If Tennessee weren’t at home I would just be guessing. Tennessee 28, Jacksonville 24

Baltimore at Tampa Bay. Not many people expected Baltimore to go into Indianapolis and limit the league’s #1 ranked offense the way they did. Andrew Luck still had a big game, but he wasn’t as dominant as he can be. The Ravens defense made plenty of big plays and will do so again this week against a mistake-prone offense without a clear or consistent leader. Justin Forsett should have a nice game but it will help if he can get in the end zone early because there’s a real chance the other backs will get some carries if this one gets out of hand early. The one area of concern may be at WR, where the Bucs have two uber-talented wideouts in Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans. The Tampa defense is young and talented but too inconsistent to expect a big game from. Baltimore 30, Tampa Bay 20

San Diego at Oakland. Raider fans know this feeling all too well, and with no real end of the tunnel in sight it looks like another tough week. The Chargers have won and lost some surprising games in the past two or three years and this team isn’t much different. Philip Rivers is having an MVP-caliber season and even with the revolving door of running backs he’s been able to guide the offense to productive numbers. San Diego 24, Oakland 10

Chicago at Atlanta. Brandon Marshall may finally be healthy again and the rest of the Bears offense is flourishing (aside from Cutler’s turnovers). Atlanta has been really good at home in recent memory and Julio Jones is perhaps the best receiver so far this year. This game won’t have much defense. So it might be fun to watch. Atlanta 44, Chicago 38

Dallas at Seattle. Not sure anyone thought Dallas would come into this game with such a solid record. Still not sure anyone believes it’s real. But “America’s Team” has looked pretty good so far. Demarco Murray is off to one of the best starts in the league and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Dallas needs a big game from Dez Bryant (who has been missing in action from time to time of recent). Seattle has the home crowd and an awesome running game. Percy Harvin really needs to get going in an offense that was really made for his talents. Seattle 27, Dallas 24

Washington at Arizona. The Redskins’ defense has become this year’s version of the Cowboys and the offense hasn’t been as consistent as many would have hoped. Kirk Cousins has been hit or miss but the running game with Alfred Morris has been stellar so far. DeSean Jackson has had two big games in a row but most of that has come out of a handful of plays. Pierre Garcon will look to make a bigger impact this week. But for as weak as the Skins’ defense is, the Cardinals have no such troubles. Even after losing Karlos Dansby, the Cards have been impressive. Still waiting for Andre Ellington to have a big game rushing but he’s getting scores and looking healthier. If Carson Palmer can play you can expect to see a little more out of Larry Fitzgerald and a lot more out of Michael Floyd. Arizona 38, Washington 24

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles. A big divisional matchup with two teams playing very well is going to be exciting to say the least. If either team can get pressure on the quarterback then it will be interesting to see how the running games play out. LeSean McCoy is primed for a big game after finally having a decent one last week. Darren Sproles also has a chance to hit it big. Victor Cruz needs to pick up his play as Rueben Randle continues to see more targets and do less with it. Eli Manning has been playing fantastic football so far, but will that level of play be enough? Philadelphia 34, New York Giants 27

Another strong game out of Austin Davis and who knows what might happen.
Another strong game out of Austin Davis and who knows what might happen.

San Francisco at St. Louis. Austin Davis has been a welcome performer since Sam Bradford was lost again due to injury. He’s got plenty of talent and might be the future of the franchise at the QB position. Zac Stacy needs to bring a solid effort each week to give the Rams what they need. The Rams have a better defense, but will it matter against a stacked offense for the 49ers? Well Colin Kaepernick really needs to start stepping it up along with the 20 able-bodied receivers that San Fran boasts. Frank Gore could be the key to their success this week. San Francisco 24, St. Louis 16


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