Do As We Say, Not As We Do

c8a068334f7a9ce1d97b5268b2f23dd8There’s nothing I hate more than lazy people. If you’re slow or generally useless then whatever, but people that just don’t even fucking try just annoy me to no end. Unfortunately, every day there are people ignoring their kids because of shit that they berate their own children for. Wanna know why kids suck now? Because most parents are getting into the habit of sucking. As much as we’d love to blame the current generation of asshole kids for being complete morons, the parents have to own up to some of the responsibility. The person who pulls the trigger is most to blame, but the guy that put the gun in their hand is at fault as well.

I moonlight in a second job as an athletics instructor (because being a baller on a budget is a tough life) and whatever happens each and every day aggravates the shit out of me. Parents come to watch their kids run around and have fun, but secretly have expectations for glory. Fuck that. That’s not going to happen. At least under my watch. But I was a Summer camp counselor over 10 years ago and confidently say that kids now are drastically worse then they were just a short time ago. The basic principles of respect are out the window. The US has always been a place of excess. Getting spoiled is one thing, eating shit from your kids is an entirely different monster that never needs to take place. Sadly, many kids get whatever the fuck they whenever they want it and the status quo is what is being used to justify spending way too much money on things that can only screw our kids up more.

No one wants to be the next Adrian Peterson in the headlines for beating their kids. I get that, but there’s a different between punishing your kid and physically laying a hand on them. You might say that verbal abuse is worse, but it’s not abuse when your kid is an asshole and acts like a spoiled little shit. We’ve grown so judgmental of others that we don’t want to rock the boat. And as a result, we end up sucking at life.

Back to my story though, instead of leaving us to do our job most parents like to sit and watch shit. I guess that’s okay, but they hover enough to be annoying without actually keeping their kids in line. We don’t perform a service that is synonymous with babysitting. Or at least that’s not how I see it. Still the parents have enough freedom to sit on their phones and act like their kid isn’t the devil incarnate. Technology has made most kids more social in theory, but it hasn’t really developed any real-time social skills. So the kids that might have a chance are just left to learn on their own. Newsflash: the world and the people that live in it won’t get better if we don’t at least try a little.

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