College Football Pick ‘Em Week 7

Probably got mixed up in the seasons amidst a jumbled up week. Needless to say, had I posted my picks for last week it wouldn’t have been helpful for anyone. So I will keep it short and sweet for this week so as not to overthink anything. Plenty of good games again on deck for this week.

Texas at Oklahoma. The Longhorns just aren’t very good this year under Charlie Strong and this is the wrong time to be playing the Sooners. After losing to TCU last week, Oklahoma is going to be extra eager to take care of business in this one. Oklahoma 45, Texas 21

Rich Rod has the Wildcats playing scrappy.
Rich Rod has the Wildcats playing scrappy.

USC at Arizona. There’s no denying the amount of talent on the USC roster, but talent alone doesn’t win games. Sometimes the offensive system and how it incorporates all that talent to be utilized best is what gets the job done. Rich Rodriguez has finally gotten a good group together. Not sure they are the 10th best team in the country, but they are very good. Arizona 31, USC 17

LSU at Florida. The Tigers have been underwhelming this year. I’m not going to come back and say anything about the Gators being successful. But you never know. Florida 24, LSU 20

TCU at Baylor. Not a game people were circling on their calendars a few months ago, but these two seem to be the early elite of the conference. I say it comes down to the decision making of Bryce Petty or Trevonne Boykin. Baylor 48, TCU 38

Oregon at UCLA. This game has lost a bit of the shine that it had at the beginning of the season. These teams were supposed to come in with unblemished records, especially given the season-opening win for the Ducks over the Spartans of Michigan State. Both quarterbacks have tons of talent, but Oregon always loses one clunker of a game and then runs the table the rest of the season. UCLA still has some question marks. Oregon 49, UCLA 34

Ole Miss at Texas A & M. If you had this game marked down as one with two top-15 teams then you’re lying. Ole Miss has been recruiting up there with Alabama and Florida State for a few years now, it’s about time the talented high school players translated to the college game with some success on the field. The Aggies have really experienced some good fortune with the level of player from recent quarterbacks (including Ryan Tannehill and Johnny Manziel). Kenny Hill has the ability to reach similar heights. These haven’t been system quarterbacks. This offense is dangerous when it protects the ball. Texas A & M 41, Ole Miss 21

Georgia Tech looks primed to win their division.
Georgia Tech looks primed to win their division.

Duke at Georgia Tech. A surprisingly good games with two surprisingly good teams. Still, Tech has the defense and the slow methodical running game to control time of possession. Duke needs big plays early and often to compete. Georgia Tech 27, Duke 17

West Virginia at Texas Tech. The Mountaineers have a terrible defense and the Red Raiders’ is probably worse. Right now, both teams feature pass-heavy offenses. One of them does it better than the other. West Virginia 51, Texas Tech 41

Auburn at Mississippi State. I think we know how good both of these teams are. Their quarterbacks are awesome this year. If we were nitpicking, I’d have to say that aside from the win at Kansas State (the best road win in the country so far this season) for Auburn was the only tough game. The Bulldogs, however, have been through the gauntlet the past two weeks and have home field advantage on their side. Mississippi State 28, Auburn 24

Northwestern at Minnesota. The Golden Gophers have a decent system that has been amazingly productive, but it’s tough to gauge them from week to week. A tough defense helps, but this is going to be close throughout. It’s tough to choose against the Wildcats, but they are just too inconsistent to have any kind of confidence in them. Minnesota 35, Northwestern 24


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