Ready to Rumble

Kids literally hit and run in the streets in a game called Knockout.
Kids literally hit and run in the streets in a game called Knockout.

A most recent phenomenon has taken over the city streets in an area near you. The game “Knockout” consists of two youths challenging each other to punch a homeless person/elderly person/just someone that is susceptible to getting knocked the fuck out and then doing nothing about it. The point is to run away as soon as you do it (ostensibly to avoid the upcoming assault charges if they get identified).

I remember a day when kids would set up fight clubs in the woods and have fuck each other up, but when did it become fashionable to mess with the innocent and become assholes to people that don’t deserve bad shit? This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened and likely won’t be the last, but this time it’s not an isolated situation. This is actually something that is happening in spades and becoming a real problem. And why would you knock out elderly people? There’s nothing badass about that, especially the running away part.

What none of these dumb fucks realize is that the right to bear arms is still in effect and people don’t like to be played with. So what happens when people see what’s going on? They pull out guns and stupid kids get shot. And it’s happened a few times already. If you live anywhere in an area where you might be cornered on a dark street where kids walk around then keep your head on a swivel and make sure to aim for the groin area.

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