Under the Influence, Not Above the Law

A second offense doesn't bode well for a dude on the downside of his career.
A second offense doesn’t bode well for a dude on the downside of his career.

Keeping up with the previous article and the positives of using public transportation and/or taxis to get around cities, too many people continue to think it’s smart to drive in cities with alcohol in their system rather than leaving their car and getting a ride home. Today’s news brings to light two repeat offenders of DUI (Driving under the influence), Amanda Bynes and Michael Phelps. Both have had precipitous falls from success. Bynes was once an actress with several okay films and enough of a cult following and acting range to keep jobs coming at a steady rate. Phelps was once one of the most impressive athletes on the face of the earth and couldn’t be challenged, much less beaten.

So I'm guessing Amanda Bynes is headed downhill again.
So I’m guessing Amanda Bynes is headed downhill again.

Amanda Bynes has had issues keeping it together. For whatever reason she’s fallen off the deep and was supposedly making her way back to “normalcy”. While it is sorta normal for people to get DUI’s these days, you’d think it would be something she’d specifically be trying to avoid. It will be interesting to see how this goes because I have absolutely no idea what the laws for driving drunk would entail in California. For someone like Phelps, I can tell ya that he’s looking at some kind of jail time partly because it’s the law and partly because he’s a celebrity and that shit needs to be made an example of that there’s no preferential treatment.

But what I don’t get is that for every asshole that has a driver or stooge or bitch that is their DD for hire, there’s some asshole that thinks he’s above the law and can drive his $100,000 car through a city while swerving or speeding and get away with it. Perhaps these are cases that won’t stand up in court. It happens. But chances are they won’t get away without some kind of punishment (likely on the harsher side of things). For all the money these celebrities have, you’d think there would be no amount too steep to pay for Lyft or Uber or a fucking taxi. Something crazy like two-thirds of the people that get DUIs end up as repeat offenders. It’s something that you have to work at and be cognizant of, but at the end of the day it’s just about being smart.

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