Whose Boobs?

Three-boobed hoax chick.
Three-boobed hoax chick.

Does anyone remember when there was actually a web site devoted to a 30-second quiz/comparison to determines Whose Boobs you were looking at? It was like the Freshmen Facebook of boobs, and for horny little high school freshmen it was glorious. Well, there’s a woman out there that has recently made claims that would make her boobs the most recognizable of all if only this story were true.

Internet sensation Jasmine Tridevil (which doesn’t even sound like a remotely real name) reportedly was a massage therapist turned YouTube life coach who aspired to become a reality TV whore due to her apparent third boob that she had surgically added on somewhere in between the other two. But the addition of the third boob was seriously just so she could have a show about how guys wouldn’t date her and how her family has stopped communication.

Truth be told, she doesn’t own the domain rights to the site that she had otherwise be toting on her YouTube channel. Her real name is Alisha Jasmine Hessler and she still has a site dedicated to her massage therapy business which she has recently posted her exploits such as “provider of internet hoaxes since 2014”. Thankfully, Hessler’s 15 minutes of fame seem to be just about over. Someday there will be a woman with three boobs. Until that day comes, we can dream.

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