See It to Believe It

When it becomes popular to care, are we really caring?
When it becomes popular to care, are we really caring?

Right now there is somewhere in the world where domestic violence is taking place, a woman is being raped, a man is getting stabbed to death, and there’s a drive-by shooting going down as you read these very words. It’s all stuff that happens in the world we live in. They aren’t things we like to think about or let ourselves believe that actually happen. And yet, when we finally see these kinds of things in action we finally feel the need to do something about it. This goes for all things, good and bad. The two most poignant examples are the Ray Rice domestic abuse case spawned by the video in the Atlantic City elevator and the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS and Pete Frates.

There’s nothing wrong with caring once you hear about see something, but it shouldn’t take such big issues for people to take notice. In the last month or so of ALS fundraising there’s been several hundred percent more dollars raised than the past year of time. Similarly, domestic abuse isn’t a recent issue and it’s taken a video of an unfortunate situation to take it to the front page. The recent abuse issues have since extended to Adrian Peterson in his child abuse case as well as Greg Hardy and a previous domestic assault charge from several months ago. As new assault charges in bar fights come to light there will likely be new rules for all the different legal issues of players going forward. But we must remind you that this isn’t an NFL problem, this is a problem for all people and whether we think about it on our own or see it in the news and finally speak out something must be done.

Do everyone a favor and try this: find a cause or interest and look into organizations that support that cause. Giving a little bit here and there while getting the word out about the millions of different issues that are going on worldwide is the way to go. While helping out is still better than nothing, what happens to these causes when it’s not cool to dump a bucket of ice over our heads and post it online?

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