Jesus Is My Homeboy

Black Jesus airs on adult swim Thursday nights at 11pm.
Black Jesus airs on adult swim Thursday nights at 11pm.

Controversial or not, this shit is funny. Who knew you could make religion fun?!? Well, adult swim has done just that. Black Jesus is totally the guy you want to hang out with and more of a real-life version of a dude the everyman would hang out with, which is why the show is set in Compton. But it’s not as if it’s some hard show about scary ass motherfuckers that mimic what life is really like in LA’s toughest neighborhood. Black Jesus makes fun of everyone including itself. Sure, it’s not the kind of subject matter that will win you any awards. In fact, it’s very likely to get them several calls from the FCC.

If there’s anything that Chapelle’s Show taught us, it’s that Charlie Murphy is funny as hell. And he doesn’t disappoint in this show either. Only 4 episodes deep, Black Jesus is already one of the better comedies on TV. For a while, white people had How I Met Your Mother and Workaholics. HIMYM is now off the air and Workaholics has turned in a bit of forced comedy, but what do black people have to watch? If your answer is anything involving Tyler Perry, then you already know my reaction. In all actuality, this isn’t just a show for blacks or whites or red or greens. This is a show for everybody.

Covering topics ranging from drugs to simple marital issues, Black Jesus makes you laugh at everything because it really is that funny. There obviously isn’t any realistic shit going on in this show, but it doesn’t matter. With all the bullshit happening with regards to race relations it’s about time we all just sit back and laugh at each other.

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