Dick. In a Box.

The new show Sex Box premieres in 2015.
The new show Sex Box premieres in 2015.

With all the new shows out about naked dating and real estate agents in nude colonies it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that a show like Sex Box is set to hit the American airwaves early next year. As of now there are nine hour-long episodes that the series is set to shoot and be aired on the WE tv. This is already a show that has had success on English (like England English) television and thus has been brought to America to continue the show. If it’s anything like previous scandalous shows to be adapted for American viewers (namely House of Cards and Skins), then this is going to be some racy shit.

It’s not all that crazy to imagine as there are several shows that have simulated sex in primetime formats and the shows on TV now that involve no clothes and the description of various sex acts and awkward moments. The British version of the show had the intention of “reclaiming sex from pornography” or whatever that means. All it means to me is that the sexual revolution that has taken over the United States in the past 10 years is forcing its way into society whether some people like it or not.

Sex Box features couples that have sex in a box on set with mics to records the audio during the action. There won’t be any cameras, but there will be a group of people to make fun of and endlessly shame the slutty pair when they emerge from the box. The panelists that will be giving their opinions include a relationship psychotherapist (because this couple is in an actual relationship. riiight), a certified sex therapist, and Florida pastor. What the fuck? That’s the worst group of people ever. I’d rather see the cast of panelists from Ridiculousness. At least they’d have a less boring take on everything. The last thing anyone wants to hear these days is that they are too slutty for words and need to go say several Hail Marys. There will be a comedian that hosts as well, but it’s not anyone of note that you are likely to find funny.

So we will see what America thinks about sex and why shit happens. Given the close proximity to the subject matter it will be difficult to avoid many different topics and may actually be a useful show in the process. If all else, it will reinforce the ideals of young people today. I mean, what has Teen Mom done to persuade kids to not have kids? Pretty much nothing. In fact, it’s made more kids want to be on the show. Maybe this will make couples want to build large boxes outside and have sex in public. Well, here’s to hoping!

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