The Infallible Preview of the 2014 NFL Season: AFC South

Will T.Y. Hilton be able to make an impact with Reggie Wayne back? Only time will tell.
Will T.Y. Hilton be able to make an impact with Reggie Wayne back? Only time will tell.

Indianapolis (10-6). Andrew Luck. That’s really all you need to say. But this season hopefully maybe different. When Reggie Wayne got injured, T.Y. Hilton stepped in a had a monster season. However, two of his games contributed greatly to his overall numbers so we will see if he can replicate them. But with Wayne back and ready to continue catching lots of passes, the offense is likely to take a step forward (Hakeem Nicks should also help). Trading Trent Richardson didn’t seem to make much sense to us last year until we saw how he played for the Colts. Only, that’s not really a fair assessment of the former first-rounder. Richardson is a very good receiving back is good north-south running ability. He’s had a year to learn the system and an offseason to figure things out. Expect a legit running game this year for the first time since Joseph Addai had a couple successful years. On defense the Colts continue to build with players from the AFC North. Vontae Davis was big-time player last year and should be once again.

Tennessee (8-8). With Chris Johnson moving on it’s a new era in the Music City. Tennessee also said goodbye to troubled and oft-injured wide receiver Kenny Britt. With Jake Locker, Kendall Wright, and Delanie Walker leading the way, it will be up to rookie Bishop Sankey to make things happen in the running game. Dexter McCluster will likely become an x-factor much like in his days playing for Kansas City. Still, this offense will struggle to put points on the board. The one thing that may help them is the weakness of their division. While the defense isn’t filled with elite players, it is filled with several really good ones. The Titans, however, will be just average.

Houston (4-12). Jadeveon Clowney and JJ Watt will be scary to face. Arian Foster has lost a step and hasn’t been healthy the past two years. Andre Johnson had an attention-getting holdout that is worrisome even now. Owen Daniels is gone with Gary Kubiak. The defense has the potential to have some great games this year. They also have the potential to have several dudes this year. The offense doesn’t have great blocking and Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t the answer. They will pass efficiently against mediocre teams and struggle to score against everyone else. The ceiling for this team could be 8 or 9 wins given the weakness of this division, but there’s just not enough talent (yet) for the Texans to do much else this year.

After another failed attempt at finding a franchise quarter, is Blake Bortles the answer?
After another failed attempt at finding a franchise quarter, is Blake Bortles the answer?

Jacksonville (3-13). It’s quite possible that this year’s draft actually did some good. And Blake Bortles looks like he can play a bit. Toby Gerhart is looking more and more like a breakout player for a run-heavy attack (especially early while Bortles figures things out). If Chad Henne is starting, then the offense might be slightly better with Cecil Shorts and Marquise Lee. With a decent amount of talent on the offensive side of the ball you might think the Jags would have a quality team. Think again. The defense has gotten worse and there’s not much depth where there’s quality. At least the Jaguars look to add to an improving offensive line or a freak athlete early in next season’s draft.

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