What the F?

Three national news stories that  will make you say, what the f?!?

72108dd3be8a54d94f3967a4a509067dThis past week a mom in South Carolina was arrested at a Kroger for saying “fuck” in front of her kids. Apparently in South Carolina there is a law against using vulgar language in public. Or maybe it’s just towards your kids. Either way, the woman reportedly says that she was yelling at her husband for crushing the bread with frozen peas in their cart. Wait, so you can’t say shit in public in the south? That’s ridiculous.

Last night in the NFL’s Preseason version of Monday Night Football, Johnny Manziel and the Cleveland Browns played Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins. The game was a stinker and both players were pretty bad, but most notable was what happened between plays by Manziel as he reportedly gave the middle finger to the Redskins’ sideline. Apparently someone said something Johnny Football didn’t like and he couldn’t contain himself as his youth shown through. A likely fine is coming for the exuberant rookie signal-caller.

Recess doesn’t extend past elementary school. There’s gym class in middle and high school and lunch can also become a decent substitute for the time of play and relaxation. But no time does a kid more look forward to going to school than the 30 minutes out of the day where they can run around and be kids. At Fayette Central elementary school in Indiana, freedom of choice is not accepted. There is a chosen activity for each recess period and if kids don’t want to participate then they are sent to the principal’s office. Uh, that’s just fucking stupid. The one time kids get to do what they want during the day and it’s not even a choice? I call bullshit.




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