I Love the Decades. But Not This One.

128ff22d6fbf1d75ff46d4c394129aa7Nostalgia is one of the great feelings in life. It’s what makes you happy, sad, proud, hopeful, and every other emotion rolled into one. As a child of the 90s born in the 80s, I have soft spot in my heart for anything and everything, the good and the bad, that makes up these decades. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that I am huge fan of the I Love the 80s and I Love the 90s shows from VH1. But who actually loved the 2000’s or the “New Millenium” or whatever they are referring to it as?

The first couple years of the last decade weren’t all that bad, but the later it got, the crazier things seemed snowball. There’s little that we can take from that particular ten year stretch that has positively influenced the youth of this country going forward. Whether drug use was worse in the 70s than it is now is a realistic debate, but the prevalence with which drugs are being used isn’t (people may have used more back then, but more people are using now). Technology has taken over the world. In some ways it’s been a good thing and in others it’s been terrible. The English language is also suffering due to the last 15 years or so, as tens of thousands of new words have been introduced into the lexicon of everyday speech. While not all accepted on any official basis, there is little way to decipher between a learned individual and those that don’t have the ability to speak clearly and concisely. To add onto the madness, music sucks and is only going downhill. If you thought things were bad in the 00’s with Lil’ Jon and Soulja Boy, then you’ll be in for a rude awakening to what hip hop and most other mainstream pop has become in recent years.

2e9b77028f94d8500544cf158cac1e80So not only has reality and bad music taken over our lives’ but the refusal to bury it in our past is also a problem. Encapsulating old memories that many people (including the ones responsible for them) would like to forget is hardly the best way to move forward. What’s worse is that all of these aforementioned issues are only becoming more of an issue. Perhaps it was bound to happen at one time or another, but then there’s various world issues bigger than the superficial problems of the world. Ebola made a comeback and the United States is at war in Iraq again. A change needs to be made, and quick.


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