Genie, You’re Free

cfc936b2865b243a0700ea34c98e0078Regardless of what comes out in the news the next few days (and there will be startling information released in some degree), we know Robin Williams as a hilarious, goofy, happy, fun individual. Yes, the guy had some tough times with drugs and alcohol but he had been sober for over 20 years and he had 3 kids so respect is due. Among the many tributes and such being done we will take a look at 17 of the best (if not the definitive list) movies of Robin Williams’ career as either an actor or voiceover. Listed in no particular order:

Insomnia. In a role not common to Williams’ repertoire, Robin played a murderer with a rhyme and a reason.

Good Morning, Vietnam. A movie about a radio DJ with an unusual job on a US Army base. Williams can even make dudes laugh when they are in the midst of war.

Bicentennial Man. Not a movie that got great reviews, but a thoughtful movie none the less. He plays a robot with real human emotion and it chronicles the relationships that evolve over the course of his life-cycle.

Toys. This is a tale of a toy maker gone crazy and the madness that ensues.

6e7ea04e2c8d90a9022d083865698826Aladdin. Williams plays the lovable Genie. He would go on to voice two more movies and a morning cartoon show. As a jokester and actor, this put him over the top as a triple-threat singer.

One Hour Photo. In perhaps his weirdest movie, Robin plays a creepy photo lab worker who becomes obsessed with a family that develops pictures. Great range from the guy.

fc3c207c0fd6582da78f21fe01fae803Patch Adams. A happy, sad, funny, charming movie about a guy who decides to become a children’s doctor at a late age and struggles through life to make others smile.

Good Will Hunting. Robin plays the psychologist that helps a brilliant, but temperamental, janitor get his life together. In a supporting role, Williams won an Oscar.

The Fisher King. A nice guy that helps a homeless man who was a victim of a terrible mistake. While a lesser known picture out of his many exploits, this also received an Oscar nomination.

d1576512bd873f0eadbab57678b3b4a9Mrs. Doubtfire. Perhaps the best known movie of his career, Robin played an English nanny taking over his ex-wife’s home to win her and his kids back.

The Birdcage. A hilarious movie about a gay couple whose son is marrying into a very Republican family and wants them to act straight.

Night at the Museum. A trilogy (or at least that’s as many as we can count so far) with the most recent edition to premiere in 2015, Williams played Teddy Roosevelt in a museum that comes alive at night.

Jumanji. A board game becomes for real as a father and his kids try to win and stay alive.

FernGully: The Last Rainforest. In perhaps the best non-Disney animated film (especially for when it was made), Williams voices the hilarious Batty Koda, friend of Chrysta. Together, they fight to keep the rainforest safe from Hexxus.

Hook. The older Pan comes back to Never Never Land to retrieve his son and daughter who have been kidnapped by Captain Hook. In doing so, he finds his old friends the Lost Boys and conquers Hook and wins back the affection of his son Jack.

0592fe82119f1bf488c66e1c053bb232Dead Poet’s Society. An English teacher who inspires his students to a passion similar to his for poetry and English literature.

Jack. Perhaps the opposite version of that terrible Brad Pitt movie about aging in reverse, Williams plays a big kid. Literally. And fitting.

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