Your Chances Go Up

It doesn’t matter if you go to bars, use Tinder, or randomly find someone on Facebook (though that is a questionable move); like it or not living in a small area drastically reduces the chances of meeting someone worth your time. Anyone can find the right person in high school or when out at the mall, but there’s not someone out there for everyone, there’s several someones out there. The different things that happen in time and the decisions we make decide how history isn’t going to go, right? So it makes perfect sense that depending on how you map things out you will meet certain people.

Unfortunately, living in a smaller area grossly reduces the opportunity to meet quality people. There’s less smart, funny, attractive, and weird people in a town that has 30,000 people than a city that has 300,000. Sure, there are cities like DC that are mostly women and assuredly ones that are predominately dudes, but percentages always go up due to more numbers. As a product of a small liberal arts institution I really don’t understand how I got through college solely based on the dearth of attractive females. Then you visit a bigger school and see one hot girl every time you leave your friend’s dorm room to smoke a cigarette.

Get out of that small town. Now!
Get out of that small town. Now!

It’s like if you lived in a some bumfuck town in Kentucky and then decided to visit New York City for a weekend. You think there are gorgeous girls at every crosswalk. And that may be true, but not to the degree it seems. Now that may not be a completely fair example because cities such as NYC and LA have higher standards that most (if not all) residents feel obligated to fulfill, such as not being a fat lazy slob. Also, in New York most women tend to wear black a lot and we know how much that slims any body. But playing a numbers game is what dating is all about. Giving yourself the opportunity and the wiggle-room to fail a few times is going to make it easier.

Trust, any bro that tells you he’s never been turned down is full of shit. It may have happened at age 6 on the swings at the park and may have happened last Thursday in the shot zone at the strip club, but that shit happens. And when it does, you feel better for it. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failing is what gives us the opportunity to step back and take a deep breath before walking into the next bar and owning that shit. But regardless of confidence, living in a small town means you’re fucked. No dude that is hopeful of dating (or marrying) a chick that he hasn’t known since preschool that hasn’t hooked up with 5 of his best friends has no choice but to move the fuck out of dodge.

Everyone uses internet dating and apps whether they want to admit it or not. Still, if there’s only 10 attractive girls in your town then you’re fucked. Finding people that live far away helps no one and usually doesn’t even give you an opening. So if you’re a dude age 22 and up (about the age where fucking high school girls is frowned upon), do yourself a favor and move to a bigger area with the chance to hang out, date, hook up, or whatever you want. You can thank me later.

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