Biker Douche

ca98d71c9bf3ae51ca8accde05f2a2e5Justin Bobby was the worst reality villain ever. And the best. Does anyone remember a dude that was called by two separate names yet never needed a last name? And what did he even do for a living? It’s not like the characters on The Hills were up-and-coming movie and pop stars. These were just a bunch of kids that happened to be lucky enough to know or date Lauren Conrad (although we learned quickly enough that neither was necessarily true).

Aside from the awesomeness that was Enzo and Spencer together (yes, I said Enzo), Justin Bobby was a fave love him or hate him kind of guy. The guy was constantly fucking with Audrina and there was always the side story of him kissing Kristin (and who wouldn’t?). But the dude never had anything to say. Sure, the MTV series, like Laguna Beach, did a lot of implying but that even came when the characters would say something that was sort of any value. JB would say shit and you wouldn’t know what he was talking about.

And then there was the whole Justin Bobby look, it just didn’t make sense. He had this bomber jacket that he would wear with every outfit before rolling away on his hog. Only the dude just didn’t come off as being tough enough to pull off a motorcycle. I mean, he hung out with this lame group of young of Hollywood duds that were headlined by a barely relevant “fashion designer”. Anyways, watching this show over the past weekend on MTV took me back a bit. Mems.

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