Fair Game

35880950df9f7ba46127c59de5216d90Social media makes gives you two options: put yourself out there and take the chance in oversharing or don’t do it and miss out on some self-expression. What we don’t see are the issues that come about that we have no control over. The things that don’t have any merit. The things that whether not totally ridiculous, aren’t worth a second look. We see regular news articles talking about celebrities’ relationships, children, and previous personal lives.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have had their issues in recent months, but what couples don’t? If you’re going to tell me that they are immune to arguing and bickering in public even with their PR people in tow and damage control team present, then you’re insane. And who knows what the Solange thing really was about. I don’t care. I forgot Beyoncé had a sister prior to that (minus Solange’s attempt at becoming a singer herself. ha). Maybe there are whispers and gossip that has led insiders to believe that something is happening. But with all the opportunity for celebrities to speak their minds’ the word instead comes from outside sources. In this case there’s an issue that I don’t quite agree with in reference to the paparazzo and like-minded media outlets. There’s a marriage and a kid and all that involved, and none of this is substantiated. So far, all we have to go off of is that there’s been repeated reports of issues.

As a result of the negative reports the couple has taken to Instagram to show their unity as a couple. Unfortunately, the willingness to use social media platforms as a sole source for making statements really boxes them (and other celebrities) in. Meanwhile, shit comes out about Michael Strahan’s split from his wife the day of his induction in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Isn’t there are one-day moratorium on common human decency? When the fuck did it become okay to openly screw with peoples’ lives without a second thought?  Good to see social media is trending in the right direction.


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