Best TV/Movie Instrumental Soundtracks Ever


Gone are the days of soundtracks or CDs or even mixtapes. Artists just release songs or rough cuts of songs whenever they want and eventually put it on iTunes. So when you hear the soundtrack or random song from a memorable movie it tends to make you feel a certain way that the random song at the end of the every movie made after 2000 ever just doesn’t. Below are my favorite and the best TV/movie instrumental soundtracks ever.

Rudy. If you can’t remember this it’s not because you aren’t a fan of the Fightin’ Irish, it’s because you suck. Grown man or not, if you aren’t completely fucking weeping at the end of this movie every time you watch it then you aren’t really watching it.

Hoosiers. Much like the above movie, the tale is a not-so-tall one about a not-so-tall group of basketball players. Pretty sure this entire soundtrack is one song. That’s how badass this is. You’re welcome.

Titanic. Yes, Celine Dion can sing a mean power ballad. But what takes this soundtrack, and arguably the movie, over the top is the ongoing instrumentals of one of the highest grossing movies of all-time.

Band of Brothers. Best mini-series ever. Hands down. This isn’t a discussion. Also, perhaps the best instrumentals ever. I’ve seen this show hundreds of times over, and yet I take the extra minute at the beginning of each episode to listen to the introduction every time.

The Pacific. Pretty awesome in its own right, it’s not as well known only because it was a follow-up detailing the lesser-chronicled war in the Pacific. Still, pretty good shit.

Chariots of Fire. A classic movie with an even more classic theme song. I get the feeling this song should be on every time there’s a race on TV in the same way that I hear the Jeopardy song in my head every time some asshole is taking forever in front of me in line.

Star Wars : A New Hope. Darth Vader is one bad mamma jamma. This is perfect, and conveniently also the ringtone for every annoying girlfriend of past experiences.

The Godfather. The later movies weren’t my favorite, but this music chronicles the basis for what everyone assumes the mafia is.

Jaws. I grew up next to the water (because it’s different than on the water) and I still get freaked when I think about some 1000-pound shark in the water.

Schindler’s List. This might not be the first thing you think of when the movie comes to mind, but who thinks of the little girl in the red coat? That’s important too.

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