Food For Thought

56eece80fbaab109d8efda470e68ec65Being in the service industry is not usually something a person sets out to do unless they live in New York City or Los Angeles or Paris and somewhere else that might allow them to bring in an annual income of over $100,000 a year, but if you are caught in between jobs and need to make money somehow then it works for the time being. One thing that is most dreaded for any busy worker bee is restaurant week. It’s generally a week where places scale back their menu and make everything more accessible in hopes of popularizing itself and in the least building new relationships with would-be regulars.

The idea is great for up and coming restaurants without a local identity or for places looking for reinvention. It’s also a great time to take the significant other out for a cheap meal before having to whatever the hell the real prices on the menu are. Generally, the menu becomes a multi-course dinner for under 40 bucks at most places. Obviously, wine and liquor sales aren’t diminished as prices aren’t changed (though some places may vary). It’s a great opportunity to patrons to experience what each restaurant would be like in the height of business throughout a given night. And in most cases, participating restaurants will be chock-full of newbees on any given evening.

3223c681e3d4ad5f75d6dd3447dec70eUnfortunately, if you have to work through one of these evenings you are likely to take some issue with this week. There’s too much going on, even at the most seasoned restaurants. No matter where you go and how simple the menu looks, there’s always going to be some asshole that thinks they are the only person there and thus deserve special treatment. Sure, you want to make everyone feel special and of most importance, but there’s definitely a limit on what that really means. Even worse, the tips that servers live off of are cut back. The increase (or likely so) in numbers is encouraging. But even when multiplying reservations, you must account for the loss in sales due to cutting costs for the price changes.

In short, you get a free week for people to act like V.I.P.’s in any given environment. Unfortunately, there are people that live and work in them every day and must put up with the idiots that come through expecting too much.

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