The Shop

004c49b113ca314c9b2c074c26bba6bfThere’s a growing trend for bros around the world getting their hair cut. It’s no longer common to find dudes at a local barber shooting the shit and having guy time. Instead, dudes across America have taken the opposite route directly to a salon of their choosing. Whether you have pretty hair or just shave that shit, feminizing the way you go about simple stuff like haircuts is not bro.

The common excuse for going to salons is that hot girls work there and that in itself is reason enough to hang out. Not so secretly there are various amenities offered at most salons including free alcohol. While you would be stupid to forgo the opportunity for drinks at no cost to yourself, there really is a cost. And the bimbos doing your hair for $200 or whatever ridiculous price they charge for giving you some wavy shit that makes you look like a complete tool aren’t even putting out. What’s the point in getting your hair cut at a salon?

Gone are the days of showing up to a hole-in-the-wall establishment with a simple candy-cane color-scheme barber’s pole in front to let you know that real men get their hair cut here. In all my years of going to the barber, not once have I paid over 20 bucks for a hair cut. Most of the time that total is only after a give a tip. Remember bros, these are the places where we got bowl cuts, shaved our heads (if we hadn’t already decided to do it for ourselves), and got our first hot shave.

So if you want to hang out with moderately attractive, mostly dull girls, that still might not fuck you just to receive a little free wine and some frosted tips or side-part, then have fun at your salon with the rest of the girls. Me and my bros will be talking football and beer with the other men at the closer barber shop.

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