Be Offended

cc160f7b45313839a80c61399f7b0d62As if you needed another excuse to loathe Kanye West (yet still not completely hate him as an artist), then you should take a gander into the recent controversy surrounding his speech at his wedding with fame whore (mostly just whore) Kim Kardashian. The speech took a reported 45 minutes. The first reports were that the speech was just about himself but Kanye was quick to clear that one up. Apparently the speech was actually about how the treatment of celebrities is similar to the treatment of blacks in the 1960s. Yes, you read that correctly. Kanye West thinks being a celebrity is equal in any way to the treatment of being an African-American in the Civil Rights Movement. What?!?

It’s like we didn’t think Kanye West wasn’t a crazy fucking dude with an ego bigger than his manhood could ever be and a mouth even bigger than that. Doesn’t he have some kind of PR team and/or a lawyer that advises him on what he should and shouldn’t say. The other day Joan Rivers was on TV being interviewed and she had a lawyer on hand just to write shit down in case she really offended someone and was liable for being sued. She says outlandish shit all the time but it’s usually in jest. Kanye knows he’s a fucking asshole and he actually thinks he’s right. It seems more and more like West is about to make some Lauryn Hill-like proclamation that he’d rather have his kid die than a white person buy his records.

But for all the stupid shit Kanye says this has got to be the dumbest. Even worse, it’s not like he’s comparing being a celebrity to some era that only white people were being persecuted (although if for some reason he compared it to the Holocaust he’d probably have to be taken to Guantanamo Bay for eternity). This should be a topic that is well-versed in. As an individual that took courses in both African history and African-American history I am offended and I’m not even black. So if you’re not offended then you’re likely just blind. And not color blind or any of those terms that try to note make it about race but are secretly just making it about race. It’s enough that this asshole calls himself Yeezus, but what can be so bad about being a celebrity?

We get that he wants his daughter to grow up in a normal environment and have a chance to live her life. But that’s what happens when two mega-celebrities (I know I hate referring to Kim as such too) get married and bear offspring. Pretty sure there are millions of people out there that would give up a large chunk of privacy for millions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing ever. That’s what this kid has before she can walk or speak a word. Celebrities act out of control all the time. Having a maternal or paternal instinct is totally understandable, but to act like paparazzi are terrible people for wanting to take pictures of their kids is preposterous.

Furthermore, and most importantly, Kanye West had a mother who was very important to him. He got called out on Jimmy Kimmel’s show a few years back for his conduct on the MTV Video Music Awards and his treatment towards Taylor Swift. When asked what his mother would say or think in regards to his actions he broke down. Donda West was a scholar and English professor at Clark Atlanta University. She died at age 58 and thus lived through the period of time that he compared to the hardships of having your picture taken with fans and getting paid millions of dollars to show up at events and smile. It’s likely she faced the kind of racism that can only be found today in parts of the world that are constantly at war. You’d think he would have thought about what he said before he said it. But that’s what is so insane about the speech. This was at his wedding. He could’ve spoken about his life for his new wife or family or something else positive. This dude just keeps spewing negative shit and acting like his life is totally unfair. When he had a tough life growing up; woe is me. When he had his jaw broken and had to rap “Through the Wire”; woe is me. When he didn’t agree with George Bush Jr.; woe is me. When Beyoncé didn’t win the award for best album; woe is me. And finally, when he’s making millions (if not hundreds of millions of dollars) for having a talent to rap and marry a woman with a sex tape while apparently simultaneously becoming the only celebrity ever with a child; woe is me. You should be ashamed Kanye West. The people that fought for equality (white and black) didn’t do it so you could become this kind of person. Disgusting.

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