More Netflix Series You Haven’t Heard Of

So I’m getting repetitive. Well deal with it because shit happens and Netflix continuously pumps out quality random TV shows that just happen to be good even if no one has ever heard of them. As a result I have decided to list three of my favorite shows that were either cancelled, maybe still running but not popular, or as far as I know never made it onto a major network.

fwbFriends With Benefits. Not to be confused with the terrible rom-com movie with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, this one’s not actually shit. It’s sort like Friends but they all (for the most part) have benefits. But it’s not really forced in the way that most shows have everyone and their mother (sometimes it actually includes someone’s mother) hooking up. This is actually a legit funny, quirky, intelligent show about relationships that are relative to current day. The show was NBC between the months of August and September of 2011, so it’s a little older than most. There are only 13 episodes but the series gets pretty far considering what they are working with. There’s one actor with a decent career thus far (Ryan Hansen) that plays Ben who hooks up with his best friend Sara. Being only a season long I won’t tell you everything that happens but the series follows each of the characters and their experiences with dating. From the girl that is a horrible/horribly awkward kisser to the girl that teases the shit out of you but doesn’t want to have sex, this show covers it. Plus there’s legitimate eye candy with some character depth from actresses Danneel Ackles and Jessica Lucas. The situational humor and inside jokes run along the lines of most shows you’d ordinarily find on FX (or FXX) and Showtime. Without much room to upset the FCC, a good job is still done to avoid using words like “bang” and other corny outdated or never-was type lingo that could commonly be found on an episode of Law and Order: SVU. FWB is funny and to the point so you won’t feel like you are wasting 20 minutes of your life that you will never get back.

a88e841df657cdc44263b35be63fd24bMixology. Part of me wanted to hate this show mainly because it was produced by Ryan Seacrest’s company, but Mixology is surprisingly entertaining. While it is very short and a little all over the place, it’s basically the 24 of rom-com TV shows. Only on for a few months (between February and May of 2014), the show just needed a different network than ABC to gain any kind of relevancy. The focus of the show is around 10 people (5 guys and 5 girls) at a bar and how they all met each other. Not quite on the level of How I Met Your Mother, unless HIMYM was solely about trying to get laid amidst an alcohol-fused evening. However, the show has some decent moments and definitely could had room for growth. I mean, any show that is based on one night in the lives of 10 separate people better have a little room to grow! Anyways, aside from a few gaffes in the storyline like not explaining how the group moves from bar to bar or why certain couples are hooking up at different times the show makes sense. But the premise of the show is just too PG for network television. To gain any kind of traction with followers there needs to be some room to work around. Oddly enough, there was a really terribly cameo in the beginning by Keyshawn Johnson and one of the actresses is fairly notable, Vanessa Lengies (Glee, Stick It). Still, if you like making fun of the way idiots (all of us) behave in bars and try to pick up the opposite sex (or not try), then this is worth a look for ya.

9267456fe040f82750a796da3e741b56Revolution. After a bunch of fails on the part of major TV networks to provide apocalyptic shows nothing ever really did well enough to match the success of A & E’s The Walking Dead. So when I started watching Revolution, which lasted a full year and a half on NBC and was directed by Jon Favreau, I had my reservations. But the premise actually isn’t that ridiculous and the acting is pretty good. There’s the chick from Lost who remains equally shifty, the superhero from The Cape, and even Gus from Breaking Bad. There were actually others that I can’t exactly remember (or refuse to). But the show revolves around a country (yes, the USA) that loses all power from a mysterious source of energy. People don’t have the use of phones, television, cars, and every other useful type of shit out there. However, they did still have use of knives and guns and other fun shit (sound familiar?). But there were flashbacks and a storyline that was intriguing from the beginning. The end of the show was definitely what did it in. Up against other more popular and less predictable shows, the surprises stopped and the curtains were called. This is not a funny show like the two above, so it might seem a bit random. But for what it lacked in humor it made up for in action and relevance. With all techonology gone, what the hell would anyone do? My guess is that anyone under the age of 25 would crawl up into a ball and hide in the corner till the end of time. Those fuckers don’t know how to take care of themselves no way no how.


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