5 Shows I Wish Were Still On

c7e77d891d588004e52a6dc5e92ed2d1When there were bogus reports of Orange is the New Black being cancelled a few days ago it got me to thinking about all the great shows over the years that aren’t around today. Obviously these aren’t shows that could have lasted 20 years like The Simpsons, but if they were around now I wouldn’t hate it.

Friends. A show I’ve written about a lot in recent past is played on a few different networks is still relevant in the topics it covers and still funny as all hell. Thursday night you could always count on enjoying what ridiculousness Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross would get into. Now td258d74dd46798189a45e92e6adea2b2he only thing that is even somewhat comparable is New Girl and that hasn’t been funny in over a year.

Gossip Girl. Besides that fact that all of these people are very attractive, the storyline was always intriguing for however juvenile the subject matter may have been. Much like other teen dramas (Greek and 90210 among others), Gossip Girl was pushed through seasons at an accelerated rate giving the series little chance to last long-term. The series predictably fell apart when the Upper East-siders graduated high school and went to college. Still, a simple “I’m Chuck Bass” was enough to keep this guy interested. There really isn’t a show that could match up in talent or looks to this group.cdc8cd0a4a74cd71b8583593c8ea7533

Freaks and Geeks. Somehow this series seems complete even in the scant amount of episodes that were filmed. Still, it is one the most popular shows of the last 20 years and was the springboard for several famous actors and actresses.

0d95f0efab6471d3437a3d6ecdcfa80fHung. There’s like 4 different shows on TV that try to mimic what HBO did with Thomas Jane and the cast of Hung. While skating between sex and humor to deliver a clever story, the show only lasted 2 years but was one of the more successful series during that time. Now there’s some show on USA (I think it’s called Satisfaction) and the ever-popular but completely fake Gigolos among the titles that come to mind. I’m sure the E! Channel or TLC will find a way to top these recent titles.

glorydazeGlory Daze. Another show that lasted only one season (though it didn’t receive the same critical acclaim as the aforementioned series) was a show about the freshmen experience of rushing a fraternity in college in the 1980s. The music was epic, the fashion was horrific, and the hairstyles were memorable (whether that’s a good thing or not, we don’t know). There were memorable characters, a realistic storyline and it was the right kind of humor. Unfortunately, Glory Daze didn’t get great reviews and at least one person’s hopes were dashed.


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