Kids, Who Needs ‘Em?

cc7ddae028bd0c3bbe8fbb89296a06edNo matter how close or far away from thinking about kids, much less having them, it’s worth it to note that while America watches several mid-teens have unwanted or “unexpected” pregnancies on MTV many others are holding off on the idea. There’s several factors at play in the kiddie conundrum for bros of all ages. First off is the issue that most Americans currently face (not just younger ones); not having enough money, time, and career aspirations with regards to building a life before taking such a big step. A second problem being run into is the difficulty for those over a given age to even conceive, much less have said kid. And then finally there is the various advancements made in modern medicine that provide the opportunity to alter genetics based on preference (obviously for the couples that are more financially stable).

So if you think about how expensive kids are, we aren’t even considering the shit that kids will be into and how expensive it will be in the next 10 to 15 years, but do you think anyone took into account that long ago that everyone would have cell phones, tablets, among other pricey gadgets? Or do you think anyone took into account that prices for college would rise in the least over 100% in yearly tuition? The likely answer is no. No one knows stuff like that, but planning for the unthinkable is what being an adult is all about. If you can’t afford to live beyond week to week as an individual or even couple, there is no reason to hurry into having kids and adding to expenses.

Everyone will eventually have a ticking clock, and there are conflicting reports all over the place making it difficult to predict when is too late to get started thinking about building a family, but one thing you don’t want to do is wait too long (if you are interested in having kids). Really, the trouble today is that couples aren’t getting married before the age of 25 like they did even 10 years ago. So the average couple generally finds themselves begin the thought process in their late 20s, if not later. The majority of kids born to wedded couples are under 20 and/or are couples that were expecting prior to getting hitched. Some doctors advise eating and living healthier to improve the likelihood of conceiving, but others continue to insist that it is more of an age thing than anything. Again, if you’re really looking to be married then chances are you have both discussed some sort of life plan and have a decent idea as to how you would like to go about having kids. Just don’t wait forever, not everyone is Halle Berry.

415052b429f13390938c244d4dc7ecd1Lastly, genetic engineering is a hotly contested topic that many different people have conflicting opinions for. While choosing eye color, hair color, and personality traits (or whatever the hell other things can be controlled), the only part of this that really makes sense is being able to dictate whether a child is born with birth defects. While any child that you have is your own and will be treated as such, it’s not ridiculous for those that can pay for it to want to have a kid that grows up with the least challenging life possible. Never would you give up your kid or the life that they have lived, but if you had the chance to give your kid the least difficult upbringing possible it is likely you would do that.

So if you have a million dollars (or more) laying around for the next 20 years (or more, depending on the current economy) then feel free to consider having children. If you have an established career and can finally take care of an extra person, then go for it. Or if you know you are ready, then make it happen. But please understand, this is a decision you are making for three (or more) different people and planning your next step could make all the difference.

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